Application Modernisation Assessment

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Discovery sessions

Work through technical and operational discovery workshops with Cevo’s cloud consultants to understand the current environment, your business priorities, and requirements for your target state cloud native environment.

Opportunity assessment

Leveraging AWS’ Well Architected Framework we’ll assess your current workload and identify areas that adopting a cloud native approach would benefit your workload’s overall cost optimisation, operations, reliability, performance, and security.

Roadmap development

On review of our recommendations, we’ll collaborate to develop an implementation strategy and roadmap, acceptance criteria and a skills uplift plan.

Remediation backlog

Our consultants will collaborate with your team to define a prioritised remediation backlog, outlining the tasks that you can implement to ensure your solutions meets best practice.

Time to market assessment

Coupled with the remediation backlog will be an estimate of the time required to action the remediation tasks, ensuring you can make an informed decision on which items to implement and if you require additional assistance.

Key findings and decisions paper

Finally, our consultants will produce a key findings and decisions paper, so that the learnings and knowledge gained can be implemented for your workload and even shared across other projects.


  • Gain a clear understanding of the current state of your workload, and how it measures against the best practices on the AWS platform.

  • Identify and define a backlog of remediation to mitigate risks, improve your solution and extract the most value from the AWS platform.

  • Increase the awareness of cloud native application architectural practices within both your team and wider organisation, and how they can benefit your chosen solution and other workloads.

  • Proactively address foundational areas of your workload so that they are resolve long before they can break in production.