Our values are at the heart of everything we do. They are so integral, they make up what we call the Cevo Hive Mind. The Hive Mind is all about sharing a unique set of values that make us who we are, whilst having the wealth of accumulated skills, knowledge and experience of the entire team behind you.

Our people are a hand-picked collective of some of the most talented and passionate technologists in the market, with diversity of backgrounds, thought, experience, and client exposure – all keen to share and learn to develop further as a team. We also offer great benefits that are also designed to help you grow personally and professionally. In joining #teamcevo, you’ll be joining a buzzing network of skilled consultants who take their commitments seriously, while being part of a cohesive team who enjoy collaborating and sharing thoughts, ideas and experiences. We want you to work with genuine people, who care about their customers and each other. This is what being part of Cevo is all about.


Everything we achieve, we achieve as one team. It's our collective minds that give us our edge - we call it the Cevo Hive Mind.


We're curious. We like to call ourselves 'Cevons'. Our curiosity is endless, we're thirsty for knowledge and love to share it. We don't do ego's or titles, we feel comfortable in being uncomfortable, we love to teach, learn, share and grow. We give and take feedback with and open mind and respectfully - feedback is a gift which we learn from.


Re-imagine the possible. We love experimenting and innovating. We try new things or fail fast and learn from it. We're not afraid to challenge the status quo, rewrite the playbook or create a new one.


People are at the heart of Cevo. We accept everyone for who they are - we care about our people and we're not afraid to show it.

own it & get it done

We're committed to achieving our goals no matter what challenges come our way, and we do this iteratively to demonstrate value as early as possible. We always seek to do the right thing by our customers and our partners and leave things in a better place than when we found them.


Base Salary

A competitive base salary with high earning potential.

Helping each other to succeed

The support of the Cevo hive, helping each other to succeed.

Achievement and recognition

Pride in our awesome team of people, rewards and recognition for contributing to our shared success, and encouragement to build your own path.


Company perks which include a technology allowance, monthly team dinners, and numerous functions throughout the year.

Central office

Cheerful, centrally located CBD offices.