Agile Cultural Uplift: Enabling ways of working




Our customer is the largest provider of public education in Australia with responsibility for delivering high-quality public education to two-thirds of the NSW student population.

Case Study


Our customer had embarked on a digital transformation project. The objective of this project was to uplift their various infrastructure platforms, using modern tools and processes to build a truly hybrid multi-cloud system to support and run their critical business applications into the future.

In conjunction with the release of the new hybrid multi-cloud platform, and the transition of legacy applications and services across to it, the organisation also wanted to uplift and enable the ways of working for their staff. This was to be done using a newly defined agile framework, allowing them to adopt continuous delivery and integration principles.

Case Study


Leveraging their experience and expertise, Cevo was engaged as part of this project to provide the bridge between the technical delivery elements of work, and the agile framework and principles.

Several agile consultants were augmented into the customer’s cross-functional delivery squads to lead and enable the adoption of practices aligning to the departmental agility framework.

During the engagement, Cevo facilitated the on-boarding and establishment of 15 agile teams who were delivering services to internal application teams and other squads. 

Having successfully established the initial rollout of 15 delivery squads, Cevo then assisted the business to scale their agility framework to incorporate Program Iteration planning, Scrum of Scrums feedback loops and specialised communities of practice. 

Working with Product Owners, Cevo helped to provide Product management roadmap visibility for communication across teams, aligning the strategy and the execution tasks required for completion by the teams.

A tooling environment was also set up to support these agile delivery changes, including Jira, Confluence and visual aids.  

The Cevo team collaborated with the Technology Directors to help define these processes, mapping strategic business priorities into Epics and assigning relevant roles and responsibilities within each of the squad. This fulfilled a feedback loop to ensure that appropriate input was being received, and matched outputs aligning with business success

Working both from the bottom up with the individual squad members, and top down with the directors allowed Cevo to demonstrate and advocate the processes and framework for agile delivery – securing team buy-in and success at all levels.

Case Study_1


As a result of this work, our customer was able to:

  • Move away from siloed teams by creating a repeatable pattern for the establishment of cross-functional squads,  thereby aligning with their higher order strategy for agile implementation
  • Enable their internal teams, with hands-on augmentation and training skills, to “do the work” as well as seeing how the “work is done”
  • Increase buy-in, visibility and input from the Technology Executives into the daily agile squads and processes.