Cost Reductions & Faster Time To Market With Automated, On-Demand Test Environments


Wagering / Gaming


Our client, an ASX100 company, is one of the largest publicly listed gaming and wagering organisations globally.

As one of the few integrated gambling and entertainment companies in the world, their iconic brands and stable of subscription television channels ignite passion and excitement in millions of customers each year.

Case Study


Internal software development within our client’s organisation was constrained by a small number of fixed, manually-curated test environments. Software development teams were regularly blocked from delivering features and bug fixes due to an inability to test changes rapidly enough; it was not uncommon for a team to be delayed for over 150 days during a 12-month period, which drove up the cost of development and increased the time until the return on investment could be realised.

Case Study


Cevo partnered with our client’s technology teams to identify, prioritise, migrate, and deliver test environment automation. This allowed independent teams to create and manage their own on-demand test systems in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment.

The solution included features for cost control, version management, automated event notifications, and integration with existing build systems to ensure future changes were available with no additional effort from teams.

Case Study_1


The project delivered automated, on-demand test environments for two core systems, which removed blockers for many different streams of work. As a result our client was able to realise the benefits from automation of manual processes, including:

  • Reduced software development cycle and testing times
  • Improved efficiencies and quality
  • Faster identification and response to any errors.

These benefits, combined with automation reducing the need for manual effort in future projects, also achieves overall cost reductions and faster delivery to market for our client.