CloudFormation, CloudWatch and CloudTrail: building skills in AWS


Financial Technology


Our client is a next-gen universal payment platform that enables central payment networks and financial institutions to streamline merchant and consumer transactions. Using existing infrastructures, they leverage a new security paradigm that eliminates the need for exposing cardholder data during a transaction and delivers one app for all payments. Our client reduces the major causes of card fraud and breaches, increases mobile payment adoption and lowers fees and costs.

Case Study


The founders of this business found a need in the market for a more robust payment platform and assembled a clever team of developers to build and host the solution through Amazon Web Service (AWS). The development team, while creating a well thought out environment, had learnt about AWS on the job and were not yet experts in this area so required some help in validating and expanding the environment.

Case Study


A consultant specialising in AWS was engaged over a two week period to review the current AWS setup and validate the infrastructure architecture and its ability to scale once the product was launched to a test market.

A roadmap was identified and presented to the team via a showcase prior to commencing implementation. This included developing CloudFormation templates as well as educating the team in monitoring their apps and shared AWS infrastructure for compliance with CloudWatch and CloudTrail. Some DevOps training was also conducted around automatic deployments of their workload in CloudFormation.

Case Study_1


The solution allowed our client to be more confident in their environment moving forward as well as upskill their team in AWS. Having an external consultant work on this allowed the rest of the team to focus their attention on their backlog of work giving them the best opportunity at a successful launch.

An auxiliary benefit came from the network of information which was fed into our client through other Cevo consultants and this left them with an additional skill set around AWS.