Building a well-architected and customer-centric infrastructure with KollwitzOwen

KollwitzOwen engaged Cevo to assess their existing infrastructure and provide recommendations to scale and service their customers more effectively and securely.

Global expansion


Well-Architected Review



Independent Software Vendor

Founded in Melbourne, KollwitzOwen is a consumer promotions business that partners with organisations to run effective and engaging online promotions. Their solutions include electronic prize draws, entry validation, reporting, and custom promotional microsites. Some of the brands they have worked with include L’Oréal, Shell, Arnott’s, McDonald’s, Heinz, and more.

Business challenge

KollwitzOwen underwent tremendous growth in 2021. To continue this growth trajectory, there was a need to optimise the existing infrastructure to enable them to securely service larger, multinational clients.

With KollwitzOwen’s solution run on AWS, they needed expert consulting experience to understand how to better optimise their current infrastructure to meet their needs and service customers more effectively.


KollwitzOwen’s existing click ops system created an environment whereby individual instances were being created manually without the guidance of an effective architecture, which greatly reduced their ability to scale. Cevo conducted a Well-Architected Review (WAR) to observe the existing AWS environment, processes, and tools, and built a backlog of items for remediation in collaboration with internal teams. Remediation of the identified risk items enabled the teams to create an infrastructure as a code for repeatable deployments, and fix items that restricted scalability and security. Cevo worked collaboratively with KollwitzOwen to transfer skills and knowledge while delivering against the prioritised backlog, while also helping to develop a disaster recovery and backup strategy to meet their ongoing requirements.

Cevo also deployed a best practice AWS Landing Zone and SSO integration, ensuring all AWS accounts were organised and maintained effectively on an ongoing basis.

Finally, Cevo created a new file scanning solution using a severless solution build, allowing KollwitzOwen to instantaneously scan and tag customer documents as they enter the storage system. This was a significant uplift of the previous system, reducing the risk of negative impact on the customer experience.

“Over 2 days we had the pleasure of having Cevo take us through a Well-Architected Review of our AWS infrastructure as well as our wider business practices. To say we learnt a lot would be a huge understatement. From improving our day to day processes through to learn how moving to a serverless model would help provide the best experience to our customers.”

Stuart Owen



With the help of Cevo AWS experts, KollwitzOwen has the confidence that its infrastructure will be repeatable, scalable, secure, and future-proof as they continue to expand globally. The creation of a well-architected platform was integral in allowing KollwitzOwen to approach and secure significant contracts with multinational businesses such as L’Oréal.

“The team at Cevo were very accommodating. Cevo put all technical objectives into real-world business outcomes, which greatly helped me navigate this project.”

Adam Kollwitz

Managing Director

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