Utilising AWS to achieve speed of delivery

Cevo partnered with Moodle to deliver training modules within a tight turnaround to more than 30,000 Victorians.

30,000 users

Solution rolled out to nationwide



Moodle is a Learning Platform or course management system (CMS) – a free Open Source software package designed to help educators create effective online learning experiences.

Business challenge

As a result of recommendations from independent inquiries and a recent Royal Commission, Moodle needed to quickly deliver a suite of training materials to users across a number of departments and roles via a variety of mediums and categories.

Speed of delivery was important to Moodle and its stakeholders. As a result, the team that had been formed for the roll-out of this training needed a partner to deliver the solution within the required timeframe. Close collaboration and capability transfer would also be necessary in order to achieve the desired outcomes.


Cevo was engaged to provide the secure delivery of training modules for up to 30,000 users across Victoria. Our customer had requested that Moodle (an open source learning management system) be used as the basis for the delivery of this digital training.

Cevo worked with the team over a five week period to design an Amazon Web Service (AWS) architecture, and implement Moodle on AWS using CloudFormation and infrastructure as code. Initial performance requirements were identified, with this being a key consideration for the delivery of content (particularly as the content will include video streaming).

Disaster recovery and backup processes were also implemented, and all work and instructions were documented so they could be easily accessible by the team. The CloudFormation deployment process and the factors that have played a role in the performance of the system were also captured, as these are important for when the internal team scale up the solution in 12-18 months and may need to refer back.

Due to the current capacity within the team, and to maintain business continuity in the case of any issues, Cevo were also asked to provide ongoing support for the solution. Cevo have undertaken this in a managed service style, whereby the customer can raise tickets in Jira if they required assistance or support on particular issues.


Through collaborating with a partner with AWS expertise, Moodle was able to meet the tight deadlines for delivery. In partnership with Moodle, we quickly set-up a resilient solution and roll-out to 30,000 users in less than two months. Cevo still provides ongoing support to ensure Moodle has the confidence in continuing to meet service requirements, with further support for performance testing tweaking as and when needed.

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