Enabling a customer-first culture with a Well-Architected Review

The opportunity at a glance

KollwitzOwen leverages a Well-Architected Review to help them scale at the speed of business.


Customer overview

Founded in Melbourne, Australia, KollwitzOwen is a consumer promotions business that partners with organisations to run effective and engaging online promotions. Their solutions include:

  • Electronic Prize Draws – Legal selection of prize winners through a Quantum Random Number Generator
  • Entry Validation – Checking that entrants are eligible within the promotion timeframe
  • Reporting Enabling data collection to provide target audience insights
  • Microsites – Designing and building custom promotional sites

Some of the brands they have worked with include Shell, Arnott’s, L’Oréal, McDonald’s, Heinz and more

Business challenge

KollwitzOwen has experienced tremendous growth, planning for its biggest promotion to date, for over 1.3 million entrants across an 8-10 week timespan.

With KollwitzOwen’s solution run on AWS, they needed expert consulting experience to understand how to better optimize their current infrastructure to meet their needs, in order to serve their customers more effectively.


KollwitzOwen engaged Cevo to run a Well-Architected Review to observe their current AWS environment, processes, and tools. Cevo worked closely with their internal team to understand their current environment and opportunities for remediation, Utilising AWS’ Well-Architected Framework, Cevo experts reviewed their infrastructure and used this as a basis to build and validate a backlog of items that needed to be prioritised and remediated to ensure scalability as they bring on more customers.

Cevo worked collaboratively with KollwitzOwen to transfer skills and knowledge while delivering against the prioritised backlog, while also helping to develop a disaster recovery and backup strategy to meet their ongoing requirements.


With the help of Cevo AWS experts, KollwitzOwen will be able to have confidence that their infrastructure will be scalable and future-proof, ensuring that their reputation does not get impacted by unplanned events or disruptions as they scale their business globally.

“Over 2 days we had the pleasure of having Cevo take us through a Well-Architected Review of our AWS infrastructure as well as our wider business practices. To say we learnt a lot would be a huge understatement. From improving our day to day processes through to learn how moving to a serverless model would help provide the best experience to our customers” – Stuart Owen, Director, KollwitzOwen.