Ento leverages AWS Cloud to go global

The opportunity at a glance

Utilising AWS’ best-practice Well-Architected Framework, we helped Ento design an expanded architecture to allow them to go global, launching their workforce management system in North America.


Customer overview

Ento is a powerful workforce management solution that allows shift-based workforces to manage rostering, time & attendance, leave, and onboarding from one centralised platform.


Business challenge

In 2021, Ento is a team of 60 across 3 continents and its platform has become the go-to solution for over 10,000 workplaces; across retail, hospitality, child care, labour-hire, and more; rostering tens of millions of shifts for businesses ranging in size from 50 to 5,000 staff.

Today, Ento is expanding its platform globally. With the current platform deployed on AWS utilising the local Sydney region, Ento needed a partner to help accelerate the deployment of their solution in Canada without significantly impacting costs or delays to release new features.


Cevo worked closely with Ento, partnering with their internal team to understand its current architecture. Utilising AWS’ Well-Architected Framework, Cevo experts reviewed its AWS infrastructure and used this as a basis to design an expanded architecture for their AWS stack in Canada.

Ento’s current AWS infrastructure was deployed through a mixture of Terraform and ClickOps meaning it was not possible to re-deploy the existing codebases into the Canada region. Cevo experts worked in parallel with Ento’s internal teams to align their infrastructure with code using Terraform. By aligning their infrastructure as code with AWS, Ento can leverage both the scalability and flexibility offered by technologies such as AWS ECS Fargate and AWS Aurora RDS clusters.

Utilising this code base, Cevo experts configured AWS CI-CD pipelines to deploy the application consistently, expanding Ento’s technology footprint to a new region quickly and cost-efficiently. 

AWS’ scalability and flexibility eliminated any guesswork on Ento’s infrastructure capacity needs. Ento can access as much or as little capacity as needed and scale up and down as required with only a few minutes’ notice. 

Cevo experts deployed a central connectivity hub using AWS Transit Gateway to peer the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in both regions. This helps centrally manage the VPN connection to all of Ento’s developers, with AWS Transit Gateway simplifying the network by removing complex peering relationships.

This was done with no impact to the existing regions, with regular changes still being deployed to Sydney in sync with updates being made in Canada. To enhance customer experience, we deployed AWS global accelerators to provide lower latency, resulting in a better experience for Ento’s customers at a minimal cost.


With the help of Cevo AWS experts, Ento has expanded its infrastructure into Canada within weeks instead of months and without impacting its current development and delivery schedule, enabling them to: