Infrastructure Automation: Improving Speed of Deployment, Quality Validation & Continuous Delivery


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Our client is the most widely used online collaboration platform in the world for construction, infrastructure, energy and resources projects. They help manage more than US$1 trillion in capital projects across 70 countries, serving over 70,000 user organizations.

With over 850 employees dedicated to helping project teams finish early and under budget they are transforming how project teams work together, increasing accountability and extending control.

Case Study


Over the past four years our client has experienced rapid grown through acquisitions and expansions into new territories and markets. As an organisation that has been working in the Software as a Service (SaaS) market for many years, the breadth and complexity of their systems is both wide and deep. They currently service customers around the globe from a number of co-managed hosting centres.

To meet the demands of an increasing market, they required an ability to accelerate the rate at which they could bring on new clients, and the infrastructure required to support them. At the time, using traditional infrastructure provisioning processes, the organisation was able to bring online a new hosting centre but it would take multiple months of effort. The Cloud Engineering team was given the directive to slash the time it takes to provision new infrastructure while continuing to provide a high standard of quality.

Investigations by the in-house Cloud Engineering team identified both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure as great candidates to provide the Infrastructure as a Service to meet these growing demands.

Case Study


Cevo was engaged to join the Cloud Engineering team to work through replicating a production scale environment in AWS, ensuring that opportunities were taken to improve the consistency, resilience and repeatability of the process. The decision to start with AWS was based on efficiency, having already established workloads in the environment – however a key requirement for the solution was the ability for it to be applied across the Azure platform as and when required.

Bringing solid experience in Infrastructure as Code patterns, the Cevo team provided guidance on ways to improve the development and management of the infrastructure code base. Working alongside the client team, they were able to develop a set of automated delivery pipelines that enabled staff to focus on identifying the infrastructure requirements and delivering value, safe in the knowledge that if something was misconfigured the automated deployment process would rapidly highlight the issue and enable the team member to correct the error with minimal turnaround time.

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Through investing in an Infrastructure as Code approach, the Cloud Engineering team is now able to deploy all of the required infrastructure within an hour. Not only does this save a large amount of time, but also increases the consistency of the environments due to automation repeatedly delivering the solution.

By coupling a focus on automated quality validation and continuous delivery practice, the team now have a development process that will allow them to deliver the needed expansion to the organisation while still supporting a growing appetite for innovation.