Improving User Experience: Technology Review


Property Management


This start-up is a world-first integrated property managment technology and services platform that transforms the way people in a geographic area connect and communicate. Their goal is to create activated communities, places that make residents and retailers of the area stickier and drive value for asset owners.

Case Study


Operating as a start up, the digital platform emerged from a series of MVP experiments to identify which services provided value to customers. This also led to architectural challenges around scale, technical debt and reliability. With competitors entering the market, improving the customer experience and speed of the delivery team became a top priority.

Case Study


Cevo worked with this client to significantly enhance the events system with a focus on an improved user experience. This process included story writing workshops and coaching the development team in agile methodologies and user acceptance testing.

Case Study_1


The execution of this value add project surfaced several interesting learnings for the start-up:

  1. The flexibility of their technology stack was improved in terms of what could be achieved from a user experience view as well the amount of time it took to make changes.

  2. Spending the time on polishing features was worth the effort, as the new events system helped seal a contract with a new client.