Provision of IAM Resources through CI Pipelines


Financial Services


Our client is a leading consumer financial services provider for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Case Study


Whilst on their AWS journey our customer ran into a common problem found in most financial services – trying to create the right balance between innovation and security.

They needed to find a way to allow developers to design new and innovative tools using AWS (in this instance a system to create IAM roles solely through code), whilst continuing to keep their customer’s data safe by complying with cloud security standards.

Having set an objective of delivering within 10 weeks, our customer recognised that rather than seconding internal team members away from their existing workloads, they would require the assistance and expertise from an outside source to meet the tight timeframe.

Case Study


Based on their expertise in DevOps and engineering experience Cevo was commissioned to assist the organisation define and deliver a solution.

A working solution was built and implemented by engineering a git flow and a Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline to allow roles to be created, tested and reviewed by relevant teams and security.

By collaborating with the internal team, the solution was able to be integrated into their workflows, whilst adhering to security compliance requirements.

Our customer’s objectives were met, and exceeded, by delivering a tool not only before the deadline, but also adding a testing framework to further increase the reliability of the application.

Case Study_1


By building an automated continuous pipeline for IAM resources for AWS access, developers are able to write their own roles, users and groups with the confidence they are following security compliance controls.

Recognising the need for, and utilising external assistance, allowed our customer to meet their deadlines and improve internal capabilities without impacting other key projects or business as usual.