A Roadmap to Better Website Performance


Online Retail


Our client is one of Australia’s leading eCommerce organisations, with a track record of growth that has seen their two core brands become household names over the past 10 years; highly profitable in every year of operation. Competitive and driven, they provide customers with an innovative shopping experience everyday.

Case Study


The client had experienced an outage on the website due to performance issues. For an online retailer, any outage can have a significant impact on the business and its customers, so needed to be addressed as quickly as possible.

Further, due to the high demand of the website, the issue needed to be investigated and resolved whilst avoiding unscheduled outages. Our client had a theory as to the cause of the outage, but required external support to assist the team with verifying this cause and finding a solution.

Case Study


A consultant from Cevo was brought in to evaluate the current state and theory behind the outage. Both the environment and application were reviewed in conjunction with the fixes that were scheduled to be implemented.

Based on the findings it was identified that the environment was not the cause, rather an issue within the caching. As a result, a suggested roadmap was delivered which identified a hierarchy of recommendations.

Case Study_1


By using an external party with a fresh view of the application and environment, our client was able to quickly verify their theory and look to a solution without causing interruption to their business. Within a short period of time, teams were able to collaborate and develop a roadmap that provided the most appropriate way to resolve the issue and avoid any future recurrences.