Driving cloud adoption to reach global scale

The opportunity at a glance

Cloud adoption as a way to reach global scale. 


Customer overview

Our client, an ASX100 company, is one of the largest publicly listed gaming and wagering organisations globally.

As one of the few integrated gambling and entertainment companies in the world, their iconic brands and stable of subscription television channels ignite passion and excitement in millions of customers each year.

Business challenge

In 2016 our customer embarked on their first international online betting venture. They wanted to bootstrap the operation as quickly as possible, taking on the responsibility of providing the technology platform for the overseas business.

Aiming to repurpose as much of their existing in-house software as possible to support the new venture, they also required the platform to effectively scale with the growth of the business from a performance, availability, and innovation standpoint.


To leverage the benefits of on-demand, global infrastructure, the organisation made the decision to migrate their bespoke monolithic wagering platform into the cloud. It was decided that Amazon Web Services (AWS) should be utilised early on in the development of the new technology architecture.

Cevo were engaged in two distinct phases. The first was to quickly provision the infrastructure required to support the expected production load following the launch of the business. The date set was heavily marketed and so the initial phase of the project was largely deadline driven.

Our customer required skilled consultants to join the delivery team in order to provide AWS-specific advice on architecture, development of automated infrastructure and configuration management, development of supporting continuous delivery pipelines, as well as upskilling the existing operations and development teams in cloud.

After successfully helping the organisation achieve their target date for the launch of the overseas business, the second phase of the engagement began. This involved:

  • a technical uplift of the applications and infrastructure deployed in order to allow for faster time to market of new features

  • supporting an agile way of working by increasing the frequency and reliability of production deployments

  • breaking down the monolithic codebase into a smaller set of independently deployable containerised microservices and

  • optimising the cost of the initially over-provisioned infrastructure.


By collaborating with, and leveraging Cevo’s AWS migrations skills and experience to undertake this piece of work, our customer was able to realise a number of significant business benefits, including:

  • More frequent, completely automated deployments

  • Deployment confidence through complete development and test environment infrastructure parity with production

  • Cost optimised infrastructure by moving to a containerised model, which allowed for better application density on hosts with static workloads. Further efficiency was gained through the adoption of auto-scaling which allowed for better utilisation of infrastructure through periods of low and high traffic volume.

  • Better reliability of existing applications by implementing self-healing infrastructure and health checking.

In addition, a simplified deployment model and hands-on training lead to a shared understanding between operations and development teams around how to quickly promote infrastructure changes into production in a reliable way.