Leveraging DevOps to accelerate transformation

Using a DevOps approach, Tyro successfully transitioned their applications to a CI/CD process, enabling increased efficiencies and speed to market.

Speed to market




Financial Services


When it comes to payments and business-only banking, Tyro provides a fresh alternative.

As Australia’s largest EFTPOS provider of all authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs) outside the big four banks (by terminal count), Tyro provides tailored EFTPOS, business loans and banking solutions to over 58,000 Australian businesses across the health, hospitality and retail sectors.

Beyond credit, debit and EFTPOS card acquiring, Tyro also offers Medicare and private health fund claiming and rebating services and their products integrate with over 300 POS/PMS systems and innovative software (including Xero) and apps to help businesses streamline their payments processes.

Business challenge

Tyro was moving office and had a desire to consolidate some of their CI/CD processes and artifact storage to reduce dependency on on-premises hardware and to leverage their existing cloud investment.

Tyro wanted a scale partner to work with the Platform technology team to expedite this transformation across their Payments, Banking and digital applications.


Cevo worked closely with Tyro, partnering with both their Platform technology team and Application teams to update the various applications to use the cloud based consolidated CI/CD process to build and release the applications as a container.

Cevo consultants worked with the application engineering teams to understand the behaviours of the applications and helped them to update the applications to work with the new location of dependencies and resources that are provided as part of the dockerised runtime environment.


With the help of Cevo DevOps expertise, Tyro has successfully transitioned all their applications to the consolidated CI/CD process in 4 months, enabling them to:

  • Reduce hardware dependency – Tyro applications were earlier run on VM’s hosted in on-premises hardware. 
  • Simplify CI/CD process – By assisting in migrating to the consolidated CI/CD process Cevo helped Tyro to align the software delivery processes, laying the groundwork for new strategic initiatives.

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