Building confidence with Infrastructure Upskilling


Tertiary Education


Our client is one of Australia’s largest and most international universities. As a truly global institution, there are five Australian campuses, a campus in Malaysia, a joint graduate school in China, a learning centre in Italy, and a research centre in India. A research-intensive university, they are known for some significant and lasting discoveries that have delivered impact beyond the academic community.

Case Study


Our client has a small team of infrastructure staff who manage the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment through a support ticketing system. Any work or fix with a reliance on the infrastructure was submitted via a ticket, placed in a queue and worked on by this team on top of their daily workload.

As a result they soon became a bottleneck for change for the increasing number of teams within the university using the AWS environment.

Case Study


To resolve this backlog and additional workload on the development team, the university worked with Cevo to devise a solution to improve infrastructure handling capability and understanding of cloud within other teams. To do this, the application operations team (previously denied access to the AWS environment), were upskilled in the key areas of AWS which they would require on a frequent basis. A master apprentice model was used to ensure that the team understood and could implement what they had learnt.

The focus of this engagement was split between how and why. Team members were able to learn the technical skills enabling their ability on HOW to solve the problem, but additional time was also spent in understanding WHY this approach not only solved the problem, but increased the manageability of the new solution.

Case Study_1


Both the teams gained confidence in the ability of the operations team to access and manage key components within the AWS account. This included feeling confident that they understood why they were undertaking particular actions and were able to collaborate more effectively. Overall this achieved the result of reducing the delay in environmental changes through logging tickets.