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Whistleblowing Services


Your Call is the leading independent source of best practice enterprise-level external whistleblowing hotline and related services. As Australia’s first online whistleblowing service integrated with a traditional telephone hotline, they have dealt with thousands of unique disclosure scenarios and worked with some of the country’s largest organisations.

Case Study


Your Call were looking for a collaborative partnership to help uplift their platform, and develop new functionality to embrace business growth. Specifically they wanted to move from their existing Managed Services Provider to a new Managed Delivery Platform, with the objective of having better visibility of product development and improved deployment processes.

Case Study


Your Call engaged Cevo to undertake an external audit (initial assessment and discovery phase) of the current state of their system, with a view towards migrating it to Cevo’s managed delivery offering.


The process began with an intensive two week discovery period, starting with the incumbent managed services provider to understand the product development history, the current process in place, and the backlog. The security matrix was also reviewed and discussed, helping build a picture of existing risk in the system, controls for that risk, and mitigation options.

With this knowledge, Cevo shadowed developers through the existing process of developing a feature, testing and deployment. This hands-on experience built familiarity and identified future improvements.

Cevo also ran multiple workshops with Your Call throughout this period, each with a specific focus:

  • The security matrix: This is a tool used to drive a review of the current state, and identify any risks
  • Trade-off sliders: To provoke discussion from all parties, stakeholders worked through trade-off sliders to reach agreement on priorities for development
  • Reviewing the current development process, followed by proposing and refining a method for moving forward.


After the initial discovery period, Cevo sat down with stakeholders from Your Call to come to a shared understanding and way of working on the project together. This ‘one team’ style approach made communication easier, and brought about radical transparency in a collaborative environment.


With the process agreed and an understanding of the system, Your Call were in a position to migrate to Cevo’s managed services offering. This initial iteration focused around ensuring the stability and security of the system, along with some platform uplift to improve the development & deployment processes.

Once migrated into Cevo’s custodianship, Your Call were able to start discussing new feature requirements. Together, the teams worked through the design of new features, breaking them down into smaller deliverable pieces, and where appropriate, producing a minimum viable product (MVP) for the feature in an extensible fashion to allow for easier delivery on the remaining work on those features.

The team also undertook security updates – including upgrading the runtime environment and application framework to long-term support versions to ensure that upstream bug fixes were still available.

Case Study_1


With the migration complete, and several months into the managed delivery Your Call have realised the following benefits:

  • Your Call are now involved in as much of the development and deployment process as they wish. Having visibility at all times, along with the strong collaborative relationship with Cevo, provides transparency and opportunity to input across the work flow, from ideation to delivery

  • The collaboration between Cevo engineers and Your Call’s product owners has also allowed for the refinement and development of many features

  • The ability to now collect metrics and usage information to help drive decisions around development

  • By adding automation to the development process, risk around deployments has been lowered, and improved delivery speed

  • Your Call have also seen an improvement in response to support requests for on-going systems issues

  • There has been an improvement to the flexibility around delivery – as work is broken down into smaller deliverable chunks, the team are able to iterate and deliver more often, and then move onto other more urgent features.

I have been incredibly impressed with Cevo’s professionalism and approach to managed delivery; from project inception, development, and preparation, through to risk mitigation strategy and client comms/management. The team has remained cool, calm, and collected throughout our engagement. Their attention to detail and exceptional customer service has reinforced the decision to collaborate with them as a managed delivery partner
- Nathan Luker, CEO, Your Call