DynamoDB Autoscaling with CloudFormation

Autoscaling DynamoDB capacity for fun and profit.

Automatic scaling of the provisioned capacity in the DynamoDB can be confusing at times. Let’s examine resources needed to configure autoscaling and the limitations it brings.

Stan Yudin

Another Warrior In Our Midst

(And here's to you Mr Ambassador!)

Trent Hornibrook becomes Cevo’s next AWS Cloud Warrior

Team Cevo

Sending Watchmen into the Open

Our enterprise client's decision to open source code and why we love working on projects that encourage collaboration in the tech community.

It would seem counterintuitive for an organisation to release their code for all to see. However, with the exception of those who sell software as a business, more and more are seeing the benefits of doing so.

Team Cevo

Meltdown, Spectre and Linux on AWS: Security vs Performance?

An analysis of some corner-case performance issues with Meltdown patches

AWS’ Shared Responsibility Model means that you are responsible for patching the operating system running on your EC2 instances, and this is where things get … complicated.

Colin Panisset

A spot of AWS

Have you considered using spot instances to save on AWS costs?

Have you considered using spot instances to save on AWS costs? It may pay to investigate the details of your operating environment first! Andy and I took journey down a pricing rabbit hole…

Henrik Axelsson

Enterprise AWS adoption

The challenges of AWS adoption to organisational structures, staffing, skills, processes & practices

As more enterprise scale businesses migrate their workloads to AWS, the size and complexity of the solutions they are trying to manage is growing. Businesses will face a set of new challenges, many that their current organisational structure, staffing, skills, processes and practices will not be set up to handle.

Steve Mactaggart