With our Heads in the Cloud

Let’s peel back the covers on the Cevo hive mind, and watch the team take on the tricky subject of cloud agnostic solutions.

Steve Mactaggart

Every Cloud(Front) has a silver lining

A deep dive into some of the different options when configuring CloudFront to get the best out of it for your application.

Kirsty McDonald

Story time

Let me tell you a story about stories.

As more organisations move toward an agile way of working, user stories are increasingly being used as the preferred technique for capturing requirements.

Henrik Axelsson

How to debug AWS Application Load Balancers with minimal colourful vituperations

A multitudinous method to make a HTTP request meet a matching HTTP response.

Owen Chung

Get Baking

On a roll - our client releases their second project to open source.

As the number of AWS accounts a team uses increases, so does the headache of access and credential management. Identity accounts can help. We called ours Bakery.

Henrik Axelsson