Replacing Packer With KitchenCI and a Rakefile

An introduction to creating validated AMIs without using Packer.

Don't get me wrong, I love the HashiCorp products. I've been a Vagrant user since way back in my BC (Before Cloud) days and have continued a strong run of success backing the HashiCorp team. But the biggest issue I have is ensuring that the images created through Packer are worthy of being promoted along a delivery pipeline.

This post is about using KitchenCI, InSpec and a small Rakefile to create an enhanced AWS Machine Image (AMI) creation and validation workflow.

Steve Mactaggart

Recognising the fallacy of a single root cause

when something goes wrong it’s often tempting to attribute it to a single root cause

Think back to a successful deployment or a project and try and attribute the success to a single thing. It seems ridiculous, and that’s because it is. It’s easy to see that many things that had to go right for success.

Tom Partington

An Introduction to Web Performance Optimisation

Practical steps for reducing costs and improving the user experience.

This is an excerpt from a talk I gave at LASTConf Melbourne 2017 on Web Performance Optimisation.

Tom Partington

Productise me!

Have you thought about how to make your work a product?

Sometimes a small change in approach can make a big impact on the outcome. Where we were A large client of ours had recently started their cloud migration journey. I was brought in as an iteration manager to help one of the recently renamed Cloud Foundation squads manage their work. Tom Partington from Cevo also joined the squad to add some engineering firepower. The team had previously been known as the Technology Automation team.

Henrik Axelsson

DevOps, Deindividuation and the DeLorean.

Trent Hornibrook theorises that the "us"/"them" culture in some organisations is a symptom of the social psychology concept 'Deindividuation'.

Encourage direct communication between people at all levels. Avoid, at all cost, the feedback by organisational hierarchy. Communication loses its authenticity when performed this way.

Trent Hornibrook

Greenfields tech decisions

Trent Hornibrook gave a recent thought experiment talk at the Infracoders meet-up regarding the tech decisions one would make when running a starting a start-up

You are given a blank cheque at a start-up and you need to execute on a product strategy. What technical choices would you make?.

Trent Hornibrook

Evolving team leadership

There is much written about the changing roles of Development and Operations staff when organisations undergo agile/devops transformations. But what about the changing role of the Team Leader?

There is much written about the changing roles of Development and Operations staff when organisations undergo agile/devops transformations. But what about the changing role of the Team Leader?

In pre-agile environments, as a Team Lead, your role is one of structure and co-ordination, it is through you that work routes. You know the skills and capacity of your team and are regularly making decisions about what can and can’t be done.

You might find yourself asking “Do we need Team Lead’s in an agile/devops culture?” and If so “What value can I provide?”

Steve Mactaggart

Mapping system couplings and dependencies for discovery and profit

Crowdsourcing and social engineering combined with open-source tools to map your systems

Have you ever wondered just what would break if that system (you know the one) went down? Do you actually know what systems depend on it? How do the reports get from it to Marketing? In this post, I’ll describe a simple technique I’ve developed to surface and share all this juicy, interesting information.

Colin Panisset

Census 2.0

A hypothetical how to architect the census using cloud computing

In light of the #CensusFail the ABS delivered to us on Tuesday night, I thought I’d put a blog post where my mouth is and suggest an architecture I feel would have delivered had Cevo been involved in the creation of this years’ Census application.

Steve Mactaggart

Migrating to AWS

How MYOB benefited from migrating to AWS to automate infrastructure, provide self-servicing & reduce costs

Customer Overview MYOB is a leading provider of business management solutions in Australia and New Zealand. MYOB helps businesses of all kinds and sizes, delivering software and services that simplify accounting, payroll, client management, websites, and more. With a network of more than 25,000 accountants and other professional partners, MYOB provides the tools and support that help make business life easier. Business Situation MYOB had a contract with its traditional Australian data centre due for renewal in early 2016.

Hannah Browne

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