System Mapping

Discover, Explore & Communicate the Real Complexity of Your Systems (presentation from LastConf 2018).

Colin Panisset

Test Driven Infrastructure

My presentation and InSpec demonstration at LastConf 2018 Melbourne.

Steve Mactaggart

Jenkins as a Service

Code all the way down.

An introduction to deploying an autoscaled Jenkins cluster on AWS ECS using code all the way down.

Steve Mactaggart

Innovating with AWS

AWS 2018 Summit Partner panel

Hannah Browne discusses all things Cevo, collaborating with customers and the new kid on the block ‘FinOps’

Sian Hughes

Girls In Tech

Cevo's Hannah Browne talks at Girls in Tech Australia about diversity in technology

On August 10th Cevo’s Hannah Browne joined Miguel Wood, Nicola Hazell and Geoff Gourley at daring discussion hosted by Girls in Tech Australia about diversity in technology.

Hannah Browne