How to Extend IAM’s Switch Role Limit using AWS Extend Switch Roles

In this blog post, I will be highlighting a browser extension that I have found to be extremely beneficial in managing access to multiple AWS Cloud Accounts. Introducing AWS Extend Switch Roles, a browser extension that allows users to switch between roles and customize its appearance all through the tool’s configuration window.


Recently, I did something I haven’t done in quite some time….. create a new Master Billing Account for a customer. This actually tripped me up a little bit as it raised a question I haven’t had to think about due to the wonderful world of automation; “What do I need to do to a new AWS Master Billing Account?”

#TeamCevo: Matthew Merriel, AWS Consultant

In this latest video, Dave Cooper ‘sits down’ with one of our newest members of the team, Matthew Merriel. These two get into the nitty gritty about DevOps and SRE and how they fit together in the current technology landscape.

Remoting into EC2s with SSM Session Manager

Simple Systems Manager (SSM) in AWS has a feature called Session Manager, which allows you to remote into EC2 instances on Windows and Linux command line through the browser

Are You Well Operated?

In this post, we explore how the WAF can go beyond the bounds of being a pure application architecture assessment to drive a discussion around improved operational insight and observability of system health and performance.