#TeamCevo: Matthew Merriel, AWS Consultant

In this latest video, Dave Cooper ‘sits down’ with one of our newest members of the team, Matthew Merriel. These two get into the nitty gritty about DevOps and SRE and how they fit together in the current technology landscape.

Migrating SQL Server to PostgreSQL

Some of the challenges and pitfalls that await you on this journey of migrating your SQL Server data and codebase over to PostgreSQL, as well as a discussion about the AWS tools available to help you along the way.

MLOps – Machine Learning 2.0

The future of machine learning is MLOps: automating as much as possible for data scientists, so that they can iterate and get rapid feedback.

Exploring Amazon Sagemaker Studio and AutoPilot

SageMaker Studio was announced at AWS re:Invent 2019, as a web-based IDE for working with Machine Learning models. It incorporates the other SageMaker components also released at the same time: AutoPilot, Debugger, Model Monitor, and Notebooks.