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How does CevoFlex work?

CevoFlex squads are teams of cloud native application development experts that deliver immediate capacity and expertise into your organisation, allowing you to innovate and deliver, faster.

Whether it’s project recovery, technical spikes, or capacity augmentation, CevoFlex squads bring speed, expertise and confidence to your application development project.

CevoFlex squads are scalable to meet your objectives.


Determine and set your project objective.


Determine your desired velocity and Scrum Master addition


Onboard your squad and they’ll take care of the rest.

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The faster way to build cloud native applications

Increase delivery velocity
To bring products and services to market, faster.
Enhance quality assurance

 To deliver high quality applications and improve customer satisfaction.

Scalable capacity

 Ramp up or down development
capacity based on project demands.

Find the CevoFlex squad that's right for you


2 x full-stack development consultants


3 x full-stack development consultants


4 x full-stack development consultants

Navigating a Challenging Economy: Leveraging Cloud Native Technologies to Drive Operational Excellence

Cloud Native technologies offer a unique opportunity to leverage modern tools to achieve operational excellence, reduce costs, deliver value to customers and maintain a competitive edge, regardless of changing economic conditions.

In this post, Cloud Native Capability Lead, Scott Scovell, explores how Cloud Native technologies can help organisations navigate a contracting economy, the benefits they bring, and the key components that drive their success.

Gain an understanding of your organisation's Cloud Native maturity, enabling you to deliver innovative applications, faster.

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