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How does CevoOptimise work?

CevoOptimise is a free assessment for IT leaders and managers who see the potential to move beyond legacy systems and optimise costs, but want more confidence moving their business to the cloud.

Your CevoOptimise assessment will involve an analysis of your current on-premise and cloud environments based on actual resources, utilisation and third-party licensing.

With your results, you’ll have the insights to accelerate your cloud migration and drive increased customer value, innovation and cost optimisation.


Determine prospective workloads to optimise.


Collect utilisation data for workloads.


Data-driven analysis to model cost and optimisation scenarios.


Insights and considerations based on the assessment result, including a plan of next steps for your migration journey.

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Leave your legacy costs behind


Average customer savings on Windows server licensing costs


Average customer savings on SQL server licensing costs


Reduction in first-party licensing costs compared to the compute, storage and networking cost on AWS

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