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Uplift your resiliency posture and enhance customer satisfaction with CevoResilienceCheck.

How does CevoResilienceCheck work?

Customers have come to expect fast, responsive, and always-available applications. This means that the moment your application’s performance drops or goes down completely, you start eroding your customers’ trust and satisfaction.

CevoResilienceCheck is a rapid application assessment that is designed to help you meet the availability demands of your users, and to efficiently and effectively recover from failure.

Whether it’s an existing or new application where reliability, availability and recovery are high on your priority list, CevoResilienceCheck can help uplift your resiliency posture.

CevoResilienceCheck takes a three-stage approach over 5 days:


Assess the alignment of your architecture to your business requirements with a targeted resiliency lens.


Develop recommendations on what measures can be taken to meet your resiliency requirements.


Create a backlog of remediation items that you can either action yourself or with assistance from Cevo.

Earn the trust of your users with reliable applications​

Minimise downtime

Enhance reliability

Mitigate risk

Adapt to scale

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AWS Well-Architected: Reliability and Availability

Getting the most out of the AWS Melbourne Region

Realising resilience with AWS

Customer success stories

Migrating and Modernising Infoxchange’s Critical Services for Australians

Cevo was engaged by Infoxchange to help modernise their previously complex, on-premises environment built on Kubernetes. Cevo’s expert AWS skills and knowledge enabled Infoxchange to deliver a reliable, scalable and cost effective platform that provides life-changing services to Australians that need them most, now and into the future.

Uplifting Resiliency for a Core Mediality Business Application

Cevo was engaged by Mediality to uplift the resiliency of a core business application, Publish. Utilising a Well-Architected Review and CevoResilienceCheck, this engagement resulted in a significant enhancement to the resiliency and reliability of the application, ensuring faster response times and improved customer experiences.

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Boost your application reliability with CevoResilienceCheck