Get your apps to take full advantage of the cloud

Modernise your apps for speed, scale and economy by taking advantage of our deep cloud-native experience on AWS and DevOps led approach to fast track modernisation of your legacy workloads.

A simple lift and shift of existing applications often result in a poor experience, whether it’s higher running costs, or on-prem processes that don’t make the most of cloud. 

With a cloud-native approach, you’ll experience lower cost, scalability, and rapid, continuous deployment for your apps – meaning more responsive apps in a dynamic business environment, and better experience for customers and employees alike.

Build in resilience

Instead of trying to prevent failures, embrace them knowing they’ll have minimal impact, and move on to your next initiative.

Have more control

Control application lifecycles from inside the application instead of relying on external processes and monitors.

Move at the speed of business

Deploy reliably and iterate quickly. Cloud native gives you the agility to respond in the moment to business change.



Going serverless and free up time, resources and costs. You build and deploy the apps, while AWS manages the servers. Scale your apps automatically up or down with demand, and you only pay for what you use. It’s the smart way to run apps, and we’ll help you take advantage of it.


Confidently build, test and deploy apps faster with packaged code. We can containerise new or existing applications, and help you orchestrate them in an automated and scalable way.s.

Monolith to Microservices

Monolithic legacy apps have tightly coupled processes so agile development is impossible. Let us uncouple these processes through microservices. Since microservices run independently, you can deploy, update and scale your apps quickly and safely, whether they’re containerised or not.


Ready to take the next step to maximise cost and operational efficiency? SaaS delivery models have become appealing for both multi-tenant and single-tenant applications driving operational excellence, agility and innovation. The move to SaaS represents a significant shift in strategic and operational mindsets, so let us help you on the journey.

Case Studies

Cloud Native: Design your apps for scale, security and efficiency

Learn more about how Cevo’s cloud native approach is helping businesses like Fiduciary Financial Services deploy innovative applications with lower costs, opportunities for scalability, increased security, and rapid, continuous deployment. Source: Australian Financial Review

Our AWS partnership

As an AWS Lambda Delivery Partner, we assist you to develop cloud native solutions built for agility, resiliency and scale at a reduced cost. Our consultants have deep experience with AWS Lambda and serverless technologies on the AWS platform.