Leveraging cloud infrastructure

A labour intensive approach to IT service delivery is no longer an option and those that persist are already behind. Automating your processes and systems will reduce your cycle times and provide your business with the competitive advantage to keep ahead.

Moving to the cloud is a great way for organisations to achieve scale and resilience. Engineering the cloud requires the ability to write code for constrained infrastructure. This will raise the bar for your delivery teams, requiring architectural approaches along with software delivery practices that achieve resilience by baking quality into the development lifecycle.

Good software delivery practices

It’s no secret that Cloud is here to stay. Be it your favourite’s coffee shop, academic institutions, insurance provider, medical services or financial institution - scaling business, acquiring new customers and ensuring uptime is key to a successful business. Engaging customers via a compelling digital touch point such as web, mobile, kiosk, intelligent bots are increasingly crucial in keeping a healthy and happy customer base.

At Cevo, we recognise this and have been at the forefront of delivering cloud solutions for our customers. We offer a variety of services including cloud migration, cloud first and a hybrid approach of on-premise and cloud infrastructure. We understand that cloud by itself will not solve all challenges, thus we also consult with our customers around build their software “cloud friendly” right from the beginning. We believe that infrastructure automation and software architecture are the underpinning of a solid cloud strategy. We do not believe in a build and transfer approach to our delivery. We work closely with customer teams across software development, project planning and operations to ensure that we build solutions that suits the needs of the business.

We do not believe in keeping it to ourselves and are big promoters of open source software. We believe that knowledge shared is knowledge gained. Our blogs and presence at various conferences is a testimony to our beliefs.

What Our Customers Say

Cevo were engaged to build a set of automated controls that would give both us and APRA the confidence that we were building a cloud environment that met our compliance obligations. The Cevo team came up with an innovative approach to this, making use of native AWS services to implement the controls. The controls are individually testable and can be versioned in source control. They could also easily be deployed consistently across the 40+ AWS accounts that we have with no additional work, meaning that all new workloads that come onto the platform are immediately subject to the same standards.
  • -- Dave Coombes
  • Head of Group Technology, IAG
Cevo assisted us in migrating our critical Student Administration applications to AWS whilst educating the team on the concepts and tools used in a cloud environment. Our applications are now taking advantage of the native abilities of the Cloud such as self-healing and autoscaling infrastructure. Using a CI/CD pipeline allows us to deploy changes into Production within minutes rather than hours because handover between our developers and operations staff has been eliminated.
  • -- Marc Lewandowski
  • DevOps Transformation Lead, Business Application, EDA, Monash University
As a startup in a challenging domain, reducing time-to-market and getting fast feedback from our customers was paramount to our success. Cevo have contributed significantly in setting us up to be able learn, adapt and pivot quickly. They were instrumental in arming the team with the right skills, tools and practices to allow us to confidently and easily release production changes early and often. Their strong AWS expertise meant that we were able to quickly launch a secure, scalable platform that allowed us to quickly prove our business model.
  • -- Nish Mahanty
  • Head of Development, irexchange
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