Cevo Co-Create

How Cevo Co-Create works

Cevo Co-Create is a structured program comprising three distinct phases to assist you in the end-to-end process of product development.

For each phase of the process, we provide an outline of the team you require, and you can choose to have these roles filled by Cevo’s expert team, your internal staff, or a combination of both.


Phase 1: Define




Phase 2: Deliver




Phase 3: Operate




Reduce time to market

Tap into a proven process, expert knowledge, and re-usable patterns.

Maximise business value​

Allow your team to focus on your customers and what creates value for them by leaving the heavy lifting to a trusted partner.

Develop with confidence​

Assurance that you are working with a team of experts who have delivered countless cloud solutions.

Reduce costs​

Upskilling and growing your internal team can be costly and time consuming. Accelerate the time to delivery and reduce your overall costs by augmenting your team with Cevo squads.

Enable your team​

Build your internal skills by working alongside a partner who provides ongoing upskilling and knowledge transfer.

Increase quality​

Build your product right the first time by working with trusted professionals and leveraging our experience and expertise.

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