Get data from more sources, made ready to go

Chances are, you’re not exploiting all of the data sources in your organisation. Maybe you can’t see them, or can’t access them easily. Either way, potential high-value insights are being missed. Data Engineering services can unlock your data silos, letting you harness more data from diverse sources in less time.

We’ll bring structured and unstructured data together in a central repository or data lake on AWS. The data could be from diverse databases and systems, and even in different formats. Management of the data is handled end-to end, from formatting and scaling to resilience and security. Data becomes easier to access, while being cleansed, verified and ready to use.

Wider data capture that presents clear, actionable information for analysis can dramatically improve efficiency, saving time, effort and cost. Importantly, we take time to understand your business objectives. That way we can ensure the raw data is more relevant, and offers greater potential insight to spark your next innovation.

Capture more data

Reveal data from multiple sources cleaned and in usable formats for your analysts to use.


Amplify insights

Generate deeper and wider business intelligence aligned with business goals, with less time and effort.


Move at your own pace

Our flexibility lets you start small and get the foundation right. We can also guide, upskill and empower your teams as you progress to a modern data architecture.




Modern Data Architecture (MDA)

Let us work with you to determine your platform needs and deploy future-proof data systems with a Modern Data Architecture. This will set the foundation for BI enablement, analytics, AI/ML use-cases, ETL/ELT modernisation, data integration, scheduling and normalisation. We’ll integrate various data sources and transform them into common formats, as well as applying opinionated process to include QA Testing, consistency of data and event-driven integration.


People, processes, and technology are at the core of DataOps. We organise them intelligently across governance, security, cost optimisation, automation, observability, and performance optimisation. By doing so, we make the entire data lifecycle more efficient, delivering validated, business-ready data faster to the people who want it.


WARDEN is Cevo’s Well-Architected Review for Data Engineering program. Similar to a Well-Architected Review, WARDEN focuses on Data Engineering best practice: how you compare and how you can improve. It covers areas such as: data capture, accessibility, protection, timeliness and quality, governance, compliance, security and privacy, tools and technologies, and requirements for a modern data architecture.

Case Studies

Our AWS partnership

Our AWS specialisation and expertise is helping start-up, commercial, enterprise and government customers take full advantage of the AWS capability and ecosystem. Cevo is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, while our people have had AWS APN Cloud Warrior and Ambassador status for many years in recognition of their skills and technology advocacy.