DevOps: better
software, faster.

It’s achievable when developer and operations teams work as one through DevOps.

Today, applications are crucial both for employees and customers alike. So the smoother your build, test, release and operate processes work, the more value for your organisation.

That’s possible right now when you bring development and operations together. And we have the experience, tools and processes to help you do it.

The starting point for DevOps is the right mindset. We’ll work with you to build a collaborative culture across development and operations. Then create a feedback loop between them to generate a cycle of continuous improvement. We’ll also deliver ways to automate and integrate their processes. 

The end result? Improved efficiency at every stage. Software development is faster and more reliable. Updates are done more quickly. Security is improved. And innovation comes to the fore.

Great teamwork for great results

Successful DevOps hinges on great teamwork. We work in step with you from start to finish so you get the outcomes you want.

Proven tools and techniques

We offer tools and methods that have been tried and tested in multiple environments and industries. Let us show you what we’ve done across diverse situations.

Ahead of the game

We’ll help your teams to deliver results immediately. We give them more than a full understanding. We also aim to inspire, motivate, and encourage confidence in new ways of working.


Continuous integration and delivery

Our continuous integration and delivery practices build capability for the long term. This can speed time to value and improve engagement and ownership by software teams.


We help you navigate the containerisation maze, from creating the right build and deploy pipeline to setting up for orchestration frameworks such as ECS and Kubernetes.


When developers and operations work together, they can communicate and account for threats more quickly, intelligently and thoroughly. DevSecOps is the proven way to build more secure software.

Infrastructure automation

Want to use infrastructure automation frameworks like CloudFormation, Terraform, CDK or Ansible? Our team can guide you to the best fit. We’re well versed in Windows and Linux automation, and have broad and deep knowledge of AWS services.

Cost optimisation

Our team can create and operate frameworks for identifying and controlling cost, design financial systems for efficient consumption of cloud services, and advise on how to use cloud effectively.


We help you understand the state of your systems and respond rapidly and automatically to changes. We have capability in CloudWatch Metrics, Logs, Log Insights and Alarms as well as X-Ray, Guard Duty, Config Rules and Cloud Trail to oversee the health of your entire environment.

Case Studies

DevOps Tech Insights

Our AWS partnership

Our AWS specialisation and expertise is helping start-up, commercial, enterprise and government customers take full advantage of the AWS capability and ecosystem. Cevo is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, while our people have had AWS APN Cloud Warrior and Ambassador status for many years in recognition of their skills and technology advocacy.