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DevOps is about developers and operations working together to deliver better software. A DevOps mindset continuously seeks new ways to break down silos, remove bottlenecks, and eliminate inefficiencies — all while holding ourselves to a higher standard of software quality and reliability.


Devops is an ideal, a set of principles, a mindset. It is not a tool, methodology, or a set of practices. Building a DevOps culture is creating teams that value speed to market, customer feedback to validate the value in work delivered, quality, automation, scalability and reliability. We want to realise value quickly and can measure this based on how fast an organisation can move a single line of code from development to production. That is why DevOps is as much about change management as technical capability.

A key component of the devops movement is empathy, writing quality code that does not wake someone else up at 3am needing repair. This is why the agile principles are key to the devops movement.

What Our Customers Say

We engaged the Cevo team to kick off our move to DevOps, as a fundamental part of ACMI’s major renewal project. Cevo’s consultants led organisational analysis and inception workshops to help identify the quickest path to value for ACMI through technology change and by upskilling our teams. As a result, we are immediately benefitting from a stronger DevOps mindset, and now have a clear roadmap to follow to get us to where we need.
  • -- Greg Turner
Cevo assisted us in our Kubernetes migration project, as well as helping us to start our DevOps journey. The Cevo consultants are absolutely first rate and have contributed significantly to our Kubernetes Platform as well as our DevOps best practice. The passion and skillsets of Colin and Guillaume have had a profound impact on all the teams they have worked with.
  • -- Larry Fang
  • DevOps Manager, reecetech
Cevo’s assistance has been instrumental in supporting our rapid growth and helping Whispir during a critical time for our future success. Working with Cevo we’ve implemented new ways of working that enabled our teams to effectively scale while still retaining the start up vibe and energy that is so often lost as companies transition from small to medium enterprises. Working with Melissa, Kirsty and Anish has been fantastic, each have brought their own ways and ideas that have been greatly appreciated and became valued members of our team.
  • -- Jonathan Swift
  • CTO, Whispir
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