Environmental Policy

At Cevo our goal is to build a company of wonderful people who solve interesting problems with great clients. We take seriously our responsibility to care for and protect the environment in which we operate. We are fully committed to improving environmental performance across all our business activities, and will encourage our staff to share that commitment.

Cevo’s business is primarily based on our people, the concept behind our target is simple and designed to limit the carbon associated with their travel and the energy used in the buildings.

More important is our ability to help clients understand how to manage the lifecycle of their technology effectively in order to reduce waste and maximise their investments. Our environmental policy addresses two key areas of environmental impact:

  • Reducing energy consumption for our Clients
  • Reducing office waste and increasing recycling

Cevo’s policy is implemented through our employee onboarding and training program and relevant awareness sessions.


Cevo believe that our environmental future is dependent on the way in which we can use technology to become more energy efficient. Cevo assists our clients to improve their energy efficiency by:

  • Encouraging our clients to improve their use of technology to help reduce their energy footprint.
  • We believe that, by doing this, we can reduce pollution, help conserve natural resources and help our clients understand how they can use technology to reduce their environmental footprint.
  • Through technologies such as cloud computing and continuous delivery practices, we’ll help our clients reduce their carbon emissions and expenses using technologies such as data centre virtualisation, and network energy management.
  • Working closely with our clients, we’ll help them quantify savings through the use of tools embedded within the delivery of our services.
  • We want to maintain or reduce the carbon produced via the use of public Cloud platforms such as AWS. These large scale data centres are more energy efficient than a number of smaller, standalone data centres and additionally offer carbon neutral and renewable energy options to our clients. This combines will the reduced energy consumption of cloud/SAAS technologies rather than having an internal data centre for installed software.


Cevo has a BYOD policy whereby staff are required to bring their own mobile phones and laptops to work. This reduces the need for our staff to own and use multiple devices and studies have shown this leads to measurable sustainability benefits through reduced energy consumption and e-waste. Cevo’s business is paperless. We utilise SaaS technologies to facilitate our day to day business processes including:

  • Onboarding staff (Employment Hero and Xero) – which handles employee contracts, tax and superannuation documentation in electronic form.
  • Contract preparation and electronic signing (PandaDocs) – removing the need for printing and scanning of paper documents.

Our business is experiencing a period of significant growth. Whilst this is great news for our clients, our staff and our stakeholders, we want to ensure we do not increase our office size. We’ll do this by ensuring we share our own office space (as we have done since 2016) and have as many of our staff working on client sites.

Cevo is committed to recycling any waste which is generated in our office and provides waste recycling services for paper, metal and plastics.