Cloud Migration Services

Enabling Adaptability

Migrating to the cloud has become one of the key ways that organisations drive change programs and transformation initiatives. Cloud hosting helps achieve scale, resilience and robust software delivery practices like test driven development, working in iterations, infrastructure as code, continuous integration and continuous delivery. These “ways of working” raise the quality bar for delivery teams, requiring architectural approaches along with software delivery practices that achieve resilience by baking quality into the development lifecycle.

The customers we have helped migrate to the cloud realise an array of ongoing benefits including:


Reduced cycle times from quarterly or bi-annual Enterprise releases down to daily or hourly deployments.

Efficiency and cost optimisation

Moving to cloud can save huge budgets allocated to over provisioned infrastructure. Retail and gaming are two obvious markets where seasonal spikes.


Working iteratively allows delivery teams to pivot or adapt to changing market conditions or new market opportunities much faster.


Spiking a proof of concept (POC) to demonstrate what’s possible can be done in days rather than weeks or months.

Skills and capability

Good technologists are curious and want to learn new things. Cloud migrations provide incredible upskilling opportunities for existing team members and create a compelling narrative for new hires who want to work with progressive leaders, technologies and approaches.


Baking in quality by building resilient, builds antifragility into our software and organisations.

The AWS Partnership

Our AWS specialisation and expertise is helping start-up, commercial, enterprise and government customers take full advantage of the AWS capability and ecosystem.

Cevo are AWS Advanced Consulting Partners and our colleagues have received AWS APN Cloud Warrior and Ambassador status over a number of years in recognition of their skills and technology advocacy.

Cevo Migration Framework

When your organisation has made the decision to move to cloud, there are three key steps before you get stuck into migrating your first workload

  1. Start with an assessment
  2. Decide on your migration strategy
  3. Validate your readiness with a small workload

And, to ensure you avoid most of the common migration pitfalls, we recommend

  • Adopting progressive delivery approaches
  • Undertaking systems mapping
  • Building resilient architectures

Cevo has a migration framework that we can use to assist organisations considering migrating workloads to AWS.

To understand more about the Cevo Migration Framework please view the slides below

What Our Customers Say

As a startup in a challenging domain, reducing time-to-market and getting fast feedback from our customers was paramount to our success. Cevo have contributed significantly in setting us up to be able learn, adapt and pivot quickly. They were instrumental in arming the team with the right skills, tools and practices to allow us to confidently and easily release production changes early and often. Their strong AWS expertise meant that we were able to quickly launch a secure, scalable platform that allowed us to quickly prove our business model.
  • -- Nish Mahanty
  • Head of Development, irexchange
Cevo assisted us in migrating our critical Student Administration applications to AWS whilst educating the team on the concepts and tools used in a cloud environment. Our applications are now taking advantage of the native abilities of the Cloud such as self-healing and autoscaling infrastructure. Using a CI/CD pipeline allows us to deploy changes into Production within minutes rather than hours because handover between our developers and operations staff has been eliminated.
  • -- Marc Lewandowski
  • DevOps Transformation Lead, Business Application, EDA, Monash University
Thanks to the Baymax team (Nikita, Owen and Amy) who provided an on demand version of one of Tabcorp’s legacy Host systems. With a very well planned roadmap on how they would achieve this, they were able to provide the Rubix team a version of Host which was hosted in AWS and allowed the Rubix team to start work earlier on a key business initiative. The Baymax team have been very helpful and open to suggestions to improve the solution. We are now currently working on replacing a our Primary Host in our test environment with this solution allowing us to decommission up to 11 physical servers in our primary environment.
  • -- Francis Marino
  • Delivery Team Leader, Tabcorp

Migration Services Case Studies