Modernise with confidence

Cloud technology offers an array of benefits for organisations, however many have not yet embraced them fully. While cloud adoption and modernising go hand-in-hand, doing both simultaneously may seem daunting.

At Cevo, we’re here to simplify that path for you. We believe that partnering with an experienced partner is the most straightforward and effective approach to unlock the full potential of cloud.

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Drive value with cloud

To fully harness the potential of the cloud, it’s essential to make value-driven decisions, adopt the right approach, and leverage proven experience. While lift-and-shift migrations may offer a quick fix for tactical problems, achieving true modernisation requires a more comprehensive strategy.

Our modernisation approach allows you to seamlessly and securely navigate your cloud migration with tailored strategies, smooth transitions, a focus on security, and expert capabilities for improved agility, operational excellence, resilience and cost optimisation.

Once you begin to see first-hand the power of leveraging cloud, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the leap sooner. As your cloud adoption grows, you’ll look at the future of your business very differently.


Accelerated results

Build momentum by harnessing a proven process, repeatable migration patterns, and turnkey solutions tailored to your priorities to take your AWS cloud adoption from years to months, and months to days.

Improved business agility

Unlock growth opportunities, scale and expand your business while improving security, operational efficiency, scalability and performance.

Eliminate waste

Pay only for what you use. Provision services when you need them, instantly. Retire legacy infrastructure and leverage enhanced automation.

Financial clarity

Robust cost foundations are built in from day one for unobstructed cost planning and transparency.


Leverage the scalability, security and agility that the cloud provides to drive innovation so you’re ready for the future, today.

What we can do together

Application modernisation

App modernisation

Extend and enhance your existing applications for speed, scale and cost-effectiveness. Our collaborative strategy leverages modern approaches and tools to unlock the potential of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art security controls.

Break down monoliths

Transform traditional monolithic applications into agile products, features and microservices for improved ownership, agility and resilience.

Cloud migration

Seamlessly transition to cloud, regardless of your existing technology stack, while minimising disruptions and optimising performance with the right cloud migration plan.

End user computing

Improve employee satisfaction and partner productivity with optimised, user-friendly End-User Computing (EUC) solutions.



Establish a robust foundation or uplift your existing platform to increase uptime, enhance business continuity, and safeguard your operations against unforeseen challenges.

Regulatory compliance

As an AWS Resilience Partner, Cevo can guide you through the highest standards of compliance and data security, aligning with PII and APRA regulations, while reducing risk, especially for regulated industries.


Bolster your business resilience by collaborating with an AWS Melbourne Region Launch Partner to effectively leverage the recently-launched, second AWS region in Australia.


Landing zone

Start with a strong foundation to use AWS infrastructure your way, with a scalable and well-architected landing zone, enhanced security, compliance, and operational efficiency.

Security guardrails

Establish guardrails to enhance productivity with safety.

Microsoft, VMware, Oracle to AWS migration

Enhance your Microsoft, VMware and Oracle workloads by migrating them to AWS cloud to achieve improved reliability, performance and security.


Build with speed and certainty by establishing a DevOps toolchain and workflows tailored to your needs.



Build features and enhance applications using the languages that suit your needs, including Python, Java, JavaScript, Node.js, .NET, C#, Golang, SQL and GraphQL.


Scale your capacity swiftly with squads to bolster your capabilities and drive progress in your critical applications. Add your own product owner, or we can help with that, too.

Insights and action

Expert advisory services

If you’re not sure where to start, we can help you make informed decisions, prioritise investments and maximise your return on investment with a well-defined roadmap, actionable plan and budgetary guidance.

Leave your legacy infrastructure behind


reduction in infrastructure costs


reduction in licenses required


faster time to market for new features


reduction in security-related incidents

“Infoxchange’s migration to AWS has been a huge success, and working with dedicated and committed people at Cevo has been a rewarding experience. The result is a smooth cutover to AWS, with applications performing at a higher level than on-prem and with greater levels of visibility to support and maintain our workloads. This is the beginning of a new journey into a much wider technology platform, and the Infoxchange team is excited to start innovating.”

Alison Ramsay, Head of Technology

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Solutions to help you modernise, faster


Build, manage and optimise on AWS with the right foundations to ensure success.


Accelerate your modernisation journey in AWS cloud.


A proven cloud native application development framework to turn innovative product ideas into reality.


Maximise your development velocity.

A trusted advisor at every stage

We support customers at all stages of their modernisation journey.


We assess your organisation’s readiness for cloud operations and collaborate with AWS to develop a business case and strategy for cloud modernisation, enabling you to make informed decisions about your cloud options.


We take a holistic transformation approach, promoting efficiency, performance, agility, and resilience, collaborating with you to enable your teams for effective operation in the cloud.


We ensure you have a robust and scalable platform to build and migrate at scale while maintaining security and compliance with the necessary guardrails, so you can be confident you have the right coverage, observability and flexibility.


We seek to maximise your outcomes by harnessing the full potential of cloud including advanced AI capabilities, to unlock opportunities for market disruption, create new revenue streams and deliver exceptional experiences to your customers, partners and employees.

Move faster with confidence