Disrupting an industry to help the little guys grow

How iRexchange leverage AWS to rapidly bring a nimble, game-changing platform to market.

Sian Hughes

Earlier this year, Simon Bond sat down for a chat with a couple of our long standing customers, CTO Greg Frye and Head of Development Nish Mahanty from iRexchange.

iRexchange is a disruptive technology and distribution business, aiming to reshape the conventional supplier-wholesaler-retailer model.

As a dynamic, technology driven start-up, irexchange shared their journey and experiences to date, with key learnings and tips for any organisation looking to make transformative change, including:

  • making technology choices and the philosophy of ‘borrow, before buy, before build’
  • using AWS to build for speed of change and speed to market
  • the benefits of moving from monolithic systems to modular, incrementally developed services.

You can view the full interview below, or scroll down further for individual chapters:

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Chapter 1: Introduction, the Market Opportunity & how to Distrupt the Market

Chapter 2: Building the Platform & the Tech Stack

Chapter 3: Challenges & Lessons Learned

Chapter 4: Tips for Start Ups & What’s next for iRexchange