5 DevOps things that have changed because of COVID-19

Thursday 21st May 2020 saw the return of the DevOps Sydney meetup. This month’s meetup was the first since the working isolation has been enforced around COVID-19. Being the first fully remote meetup always has some concerns around connectivity – in this case these were unfounded and the session flowed easily with a good turnout on hand.

The session covered 3 lightning talks, the first of which was delivered by our very own Steve Mactaggart – “5 DevOps things that have changed because of COVID-19”.
DevOps Sydney host Lindsay Holmwood scared us with his talk that cut close to home for many of us “How to thwart your DevOps transformation with counterinsurgency doctrine”
Finally Naveen Singh talked about  “Enabling DevOps for Customers – Cloudflare’s Journey”
A video recording of this session is available here:

Steve’s slides can also be viewed below:


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