AWS re:Invent 2023: Day 4 Announcements

Here are a selection of day 4 releases from AWS re:Invent 2023.

Amazon Inspector's AI-Powered Remediations

Some very useful updates have been released for Amazon Inspector, the service that scans for vulnerabilities on your EC2 instances, container images and Lambda code. Firstly, Inspector can now use generative AI to provide suggested remediations for detected vulnerabilities in your Lambda code. Secondly, Inspector now provides plugins and an API allowing integration with CI/CD pipelines to access container images at build time for vulnerabilities. Finally, what I think is the most interesting is that Inspector can scan EC2 instances without requiring an agent. No requirement for having the SSM agent installed anymore. It achieves this by taking a snapshot of the EBS volume and analysing that.

myApplications Console View

A new view in the console has been released called myApplications, which can now give a summary view for each application where cost, health, and security posture can be monitored in one place. Being able to see all this information in one place with a business application context will be very useful for teams when previously it was scattered among different areas within the console and sometimes hard to isolate as well.

Route 53 Application Recovery Controller's Automatic Failover

A very useful update was launched for the Route 53 Application Recovery Controller that allows automatic failover from an Availability Zone if a problem is detected.  This capability builds on the manual Zonal Shift that was made available last year.  AWS have included safeguards in this new capability to minimise the chance of this automation being triggered by a false positive.

Integration of AWS Application Composer into IDEs

Finally, a really exciting update is that AWS Application Composer, the tool that allows you to build out your application using Infrastructure as Code is now integrated into the IDE’s that developers use to write their code! Having all of this in one place is most welcome and will definitely make building much more efficient.

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