Cevo’s Guide to AWS re:Invent 2022 – Data

Welcome to Cevo’s guide to AWS re:Invent for 2022.

In this series, we’ll be sharing some session recommendations from our leading cloud consultants, designed to enhance your cloud transformation journey. Whether you’re attending in-person or tuning in virtually, we’ll help you get the most out of this year’s conference.

In this post, Con Emmanouil, our Data Capability Lead, shares his take on the must-see data modernisation sessions.

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Day 1

Accelerate your ML journey with Amazon SageMaker low-code tools

Monday, 28 November, 10am – 11am PT (Tuesday, 29 November, 5am – 6am AEDT)

In this session, learn how low-code tools, including Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler, Amazon SageMaker Autopilot, and Amazon SageMaker JumpStart, make it easier to experiment faster and bring highly accurate models to production more quickly and efficiently.

Day 2

Democratising your organisation’s data analytics experience

Tuesday, 29 November, 11am – 12pm PT (Wednesday, 30 November, 6am – 7am AEDT)

Learn how AWS can democratise analytics for your organisation with ease of use and better price performance. Dive into how serverless AWS simplifies data preparation and makes it easier for analysts and data scientists of all skill levels to use machine learning.

More details: https://portal.awsevents.com/events/reinvent2022/dashboard/event/sessions/ANT305

Combating fraud with identity verification AI workflows

Tuesday, 29 November, 1:15pm – 2:15pm PT (Wednesday, 30 November, 8:15am – 9:15am AEDT)

In this chalk talk, join the AWS Identity Verification and Fraud Prevention team to learn how AWS can help you implement or modernise in-person verification and manual fraud detection workflows with automated processes with AI and ML to protect your customers and the organisation while keeping operational costs low.

More details: https://portal.awsevents.com/events/reinvent2022/dashboard/event/sessions/ANT305

How Samsung modernised architecture for real-time analytics

Tuesday, 29 November, 2:45pm – 3:45pm PT (Wednesday, 30 November, 9:45am – 10:45am AEDT)

In this session, Samsung SmartThings shares how they modernised their streaming data analytics architecture for real-time analytics. Learn how they moved from self-managed Apache Spark to a fully managed stream-processing platform with Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Apache Flink and how they securely streamed data at scale with fully managed Kinesis Data Streams and Amazon MSK.

More details: https://portal.awsevents.com/events/reinvent2022/dashboard/event/sessions/ANT339

Build transactional data lakes using open-table formats in Amazon Athena

Tuesday, 29 November, 5pm – 6pm PT (Wednesday, 30 November, 12pm – 1pm AEDT)

In this chalk talk, learn how to use Athena’s read and write capabilities with open-table formats to simplify data pipeline management and effective data governance for compliance.

More details: https://portal.awsevents.com/events/reinvent2022/dashboard/event/sessions/ANT328

Day 3

How JPMC and LexisNexis modernise analytics with Amazon Redshift

Wednesday, 30 November, 10am – 11am PT (Thursday, 1 December, 5am – 6am AEDT)

Join this session to hear from JPMorgan Chase and LexisNexis as they share their journeys of moving to a modern cloud data warehouse with Amazon Redshift. Learn best practices in modernising analytics to operate at scale, with speed while keeping costs low.

More details: https://portal.awsevents.com/events/reinvent2022/dashboard/event/sessions/ANT212

How Sony Orchard accelerated innovation with Amazon MSK

Wednesday, 30 November, 11:30am – 12:30pm PT (Thursday, 1 December, 6:30am – 7:30am AEDT)

In this session, The Orchard, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment, shares how they built a high-performing data synchronisation solution using Amazon MSK. Discover how Amazon MSK helped Sony Orchard innovate faster and provide access to near real-time data for both employees and customers.

More details: https://portal.awsevents.com/events/reinvent2022/dashboard/event/sessions/ANT340

NatWest: Personalising banking at scale with machine learning on AWS

Wednesday, 30 November, 12:15pm – 1:15pm PT (Thursday, 1 December, 7:15am – 8:15am AEDT)

NatWest Group is accelerating how they use machine learning (ML) to meet the banking needs of more than 19 million customers. In this session, NatWest details how they are using data analytics and ML on AWS to bring personalised experiences to market faster.

More details: https://portal.awsevents.com/events/reinvent2022/dashboard/event/sessions/FSI203

How John Deere and Corning built on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform (sponsored by Databricks)

Wednesday, 30 November, 4pm – 5pm PT (Thursday, 1 December, 11am – 12pm AEDT)

Join this session to explore the John Deere Data Factory, built on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. Discover how it ingests eight petabytes of data and trillions of records to give data teams fast, reliable access to standardised datasets, allowing them to deliver over 3,000 ML and analytics use cases that democratise data across John Deere.

More details: https://portal.awsevents.com/events/reinvent2022/dashboard/event/sessions/DAT001

Self-service analytics with Amazon Redshift Serverless

Wednesday, 30 November, 5:30pm – 6:30pm PT (Thursday, 1 December, 12:30pm – 1:30pm AEDT)

In this session, learn how Amazon Redshift automatically provisions data warehouse capacity and intelligently scales the underlying resources to deliver consistently high performance and simplified operations for even the most demanding and volatile workloads.

More details: https://portal.awsevents.com/events/reinvent2022/dashboard/event/sessions/ANT317

Day 4

What’s new in AWS streaming

Thursday, 1 December, 12:30pm – 1:30pm PT (Friday, 2 December, 7:30am – 8:30am AEDT)

This session reviews recent AWS streaming service launches and how you can use them to solve a variety of streaming use cases.

More details: https://portal.awsevents.com/events/reinvent2022/dashboard/event/sessions/ANT207

Telenet’s journey to become a next-generation, data-driven organisation

Thursday, 1 December, 1:15pm – 2:15pm PT (Friday, 2 December, 8:15am – 9:15am AEDT)

In this session, dive deep into Telenet’s vision, approach to data privacy, governance requirements, and data design patterns, and hear some key points and recommendations for a successful data platform modernisation.

More details: https://portal.awsevents.com/events/reinvent2022/dashboard/event/sessions/TLC307

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