Get Connected: Amazon Connect & Zendesk demo

Amazon Connect is a managed, omnichannel cloud contact centre solution.  The solution was born out of Amazon’s retail business needing a contact centre that would give their customers personal, dynamic, and natural experiences.

I recently gave a talk to an internal meetup, and resulting blog post, around the good, bad and ugly of Amazon Connect.

To demonstrate its power, I gave the following example – standing up Amazon Connect and stitching it together with Zendesk to build a decent inbound and outbound call centre integrated with a ticketing system, as well as some scaffolding for self-service.

It took roughly 4 hours to create an AWS Account, create a Connect instance, creating a Zendesk account and stitch everything together.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Once you have taken Amazon Connect for a drive and you’re looking to leverage the platform, step back and use this as a vehicle to reimagine your entire CX.

Cevo can help here by analysing your current contact centre experience and provide you with some options on reimagining your call centre.

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