Inside The Hive with Annabel Preacher

Can you give me a brief overview of your career to date?

My career in IT recruitment began about 12 years ago, working for various agencies in the UK. When I moved to Australia, I joined Cevo in an internal recruitment and People & Culture role.

What sort of work do you do at Cevo?

My role is extremely varied and no two days are the same, which is one of the things I love most about it. My primary focus is on attracting and bringing new talent into Cevo. Another major focus is talent management, which involves creating a culture where our people are supported and can feel confident their careers are progressing in the direction they want.

What do you love most about working at Cevo?

One of the things I love most about working at Cevo is the opportunity to take your career into your own hands and make your role what you want it to be. No matter your speciality – whether it’s people and culture, marketing, or a technical role – there are countless opportunities to learn new skills and get involved in a number of different activities.

This role has also exposed me to many new learning opportunities on the business side, which was a welcomed surprise. Our senior management team has created an environment where professional careers can thrive through a culture of open communication and respect of different views and opinions, providing me with the unique opportunity to help shape the business.

What moment are you most proud of in your career to date?

The opportunity to step up into the People & Culture Manager role was a really proud moment for me, however it was certainly an adjustment. Since focusing primarily on internal recruitment for my first four months at Cevo, my attention shifted to the wider, existing team. Adapting from agency to internal processes and building great relationships with our technical consultants, were two of the more challenging, yet extremely rewarding, experiences. The senior management team has provided immense support, and I’m proud of how I have been able to make an impact in this role so far, and am excited to see where it continues to take me.

Thinking about the IT industry in general, what do you think it does well to encourage women into these roles?

The number and variety of opportunities for women in the IT industry has grown significantly since I started in recruitment. It’s fantastic to see so many platforms for women to network, and seek and receive advice to help them elevate their careers, regardless of role, personality or experience.

What could the IT industry do better?

I think there’s a huge opportunity to start educating our next generation of students on what a career in technology could look like from an early age. When I was growing up in the UK, IT was a subject that we learned to touch type in, and that was it. I wasn’t aware of the huge number of streams available, such as recruitment, product management, business analysis, and more. I would love to see more business leaders and key players in the industry talking to students about what a career in tech could entail.

What advice would you give to other women considering entering the industry?

I speak to a number of candidates every day, and my advice is always the same:

  • Work out where your passion lies. There are so many different avenues you can take in IT, so it’s important to understand what drives you, and then begin searching for a role in that space.
  • Do your research. Whether it’s going to meetups, speaking to recruiters, or listening to your peers in the industry, do your best to understand the roles and responsibilities of different jobs to help find one that’s right for you.
  • Always be on the lookout for new learning opportunities. Once you have figured out the best path for you, look into any certifications that are available. There are a number of free online courses that can help you develop your technical skills and expertise, which will go a long way when it comes to looking for a job.

If you’re interested in learning more about what it’s like to work at Cevo, please reach out here and one of our friendly People & Culture team members will be in touch.

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