Must watch Sessions from AWS Australia and New Zealand Summit 2022

Well, the AWS Summit for Australia and New Zealand for 2022 has come to a close and while I wasn’t able to attend in person this year, I have to admit that the online experience was the best it’s ever been. Right from the outset AWS made it super easy to consume and stay across all the sessions that were available. And the great bit about all of this is that the breakout Sessions are now available as video on Demand (available here), so even if you didn’t get a chance to attend you can now go back and watch the session at your own pace. It is important to note however that as of the time of writing this, bot keynotes are still marked as “Coming Soon” and I’ll update this article when that changes.


So, with over 90 sessions available to watch, I thought it might be helpful to break down my top 10 sessions that people should go back and watch. I’ve broken them down into several sections to try to make it easier for people to find the sessions most applicable to them. All the Video’s on Demand from AWS Summit for Australian and New Zealand will remain available until August 30th… so you’ve got yourself some time.


As technologist that spend their time working with AWS there are a group of topics that we can all benefit from and those are the ones I’ve put in this section… Sessions everybody should go and watch

10 unconventional tips for Cloud Architects Presented by Chris Buckley

While this session is labelled as a “level 100 -Introductory” session it covers off a bunch of really useful points that I think are valuable to us all to reflect upon from time to time. 

Link to session 

Making Strategic cloud architecture decisions by Emily Arnautovic

Your cloud environment is an ever-evolving one, and you need to continuously be addressing your changes in requirements. Emily does a great job in walking through what/when and how you can expect and manage this change and how AWS can be flexible enough to support it.

Link to session

Reduce Bushfire risk with machine learning at scale by Derrick Choo and Nathanael Weldon

Sometimes it’s good to just sit down and see how other people are using AWS to help get inspired and gain new idea and that absolutely the case with this session. Machine learning was a hot topic at this year’s summit and this session demonstrate a very cleaver use case for it.

Unlock insights with intelligent document processing by Ratan Kumar and Vish Nayak

This is a great session, not only for the power of intelligent document processing but also for demonstrating just how easy it is to get up and running quickly by leverage AWS PaaS services (and there are so many in the ML space alone). A must-watch for anybody thinking of building a serverless application on AWS

Startups and those early in their cloud Journey

AWS did an excellent job this year presenting on a number of topics that are more relevant to those just starting out on their cloud journey. Whether you’re a startup trying to bootstrap on a budget… or somebody with an army of workloads you want to migrate across, these sessions will be beneficial to you.

How smart startups use AWS Programs to get ahead by Colette Grgic

Who doesn’t love free money? This session walks you through all the various offerings and programs available for new organisations and calls out what you need to do to be eligible. From $100,000 in platform credits, to marketing and launch support it all called out in this session.

Link to session 

Build, Launch and scale your Web3 startup on AWS by Brendan Myers

Web3 is an emerging model for decentralised application. How are you planning on leveraging technologies such as BlockChain? This session dive into how you can select the right technologies and deploy them in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Link to session


For those people deep in the building work within their AWS environment these are for you.

Security best practices the well-architected way by Byron Pogson

If you know me you know i’m all about the WAF and this one’s a great session how applying security best practices the right way. A must-watch as security is job zero.

Link to session 

Build resilient microservices using fault-tolerant patterns by Anitha Deenadayalan

How many circuit breakers do your environments have? Even if you’re not running a microservices’ architecture, take a look at this session to get a deep dive into usable patterns to ensure your environment is resilient

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