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At Cevo, we’re all about the hive mind and sharing knowledge. What better way to do so than to let our team of tech experts loose on our blog?

Disrupting an industry to help the little guys grow

How iRexchange leverage AWS to rapidly bring a nimble, game-changing platform to market.

Sian Hughes

Scaling AWS ECS services with Alarms, Target tracking & CloudFormation

The topic of ECS autoscaling is a vast area of heated discussions and broken dreams.

Stan Yudin

What's the Difference? Monitoring, Logging & Alerting

Monitoring, Logging & Alerting - they’re all the same thing, right?

Owen Chung

Test Driven Infrastructure

My presentation and InSpec demonstration at LastConf 2018 Melbourne.

Steve Mactaggart

Why Agile isn't working

We keep hearing that Agile methodologies work… but, what if they’re not? Sometimes you need to look under the hood.

Rhyno van der Sluijs

DynamoDB Autoscaling with CloudFormation

Autoscaling DynamoDB capacity for fun and profit.

Automatic scaling of the provisioned capacity in the DynamoDB can be confusing at times. Let’s examine resources needed to configure autoscaling and the limitations it brings.

Stan Yudin

Docker on Windows

A simple guide to make Docker work on your Windows PC.

Linux and Mac users love working on Docker, why should Windows get left behind?!

Bhushan Manekar

You'll always remember your first time...open sourcing

Have you considered opening sourcing any of your work? It might seem daunting, but in reality it's not all that difficult. Here's a brief introduction based on my first open source experience.

Henrik Axelsson

3 months into an all-in AWS migration: A sailboat retro

Use the wind, keep the anchor light, and mind the rocks - there's land ahead!

Using the Sailboat Retrospective to look back - and forward - at one of our current projects

Trent Hornibrook

Story time

Let me tell you a story about stories.

As more organisations move toward an agile way of working, user stories are increasingly being used as the preferred technique for capturing requirements.

Henrik Axelsson