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New Call Centre Experience using Amazon Connect

About a month ago I had the opportunity to attend the AWS Partner bootcamp program for Amazon Connect, never having worked closely with the product previously. To my surprise, it didn’t take long to find my way around the solution and to be able to start implementing a semi-advance solution in Amazon Connect due to its UI simplicities and the clear guidance that AWS provides to how to go from Zero to a complete call centre solution.

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aws well architected tool

Are You Well Architected?

Through continuous compliance, continuous integration and continuous delivery we’ve reduced the cycle time for deploying changes – but how do you know these are the right changes? Enter the AWS Well Architected Framework.

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Automating DMS Endpoint S3 Target with a CloudFormation Custom Resource

Whether you are establishing an AWS Data Lake, or migrating services to the cloud, the AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) should be a tool in your toolkit. DMS is a relatively straight forward service to configure and supported by AWS Cloudformation, however there is a specific pattern that requires a customised process. Enter CloudFormation Lambda backed Custom Resources which we can leverage to automate these processes and continue to reap the benefits of deployed resources via CloudFormation

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From zero to VDI in an hour using Amazon WorkSpaces

Now more than ever, we are depending on technology and productivity tools to allow us to operate as effectively as possible under current circumstances.

For those who have already been one step ahead in their remote work environment, it’s a fairly smooth transition but for the rest it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

The good news is that today you can establish a remote work environment in the matter of hours. In this blog I will cover one of the quickest approach to setup a secure VDI solution using Amazon WorkSpaces.

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Some quick and easy cost control techniques in AWS

Anything big happening in the world? The recent governmental response to COVID-19 has significantly affected the Australian to US financial exchange rate. A downside of the government stimulus and effects on the global supply chain is that your AWS bill has just increased by 15% over the past month!

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Getting Started with AWS CodeCommit

Cevo uses federated access to our AWS accounts via the Google SAML based Single Sign On (SSO) – we want to start using AWS CodeCommit to store our version controlled codebases – how well will git play with this combination of tools?

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Exploring Amazon Sagemaker Studio and AutoPilot

SageMaker Studio was announced at AWS re:Invent 2019, as a web-based IDE for working with Machine Learning models. It incorporates the other SageMaker components also released at the same time: AutoPilot, Debugger, Model Monitor, and Notebooks.

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Introducing AWS Mousetrap

Introducing AWS Mousetrap: a new AWS-based game that asks you to build the most complex machine possible to perform a trivially simple task

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