Tag: Development

Getting Started with AWS CodeCommit

Cevo uses federated access to our AWS accounts via the Google SAML based Single Sign On (SSO) – we want to start using AWS CodeCommit to store our version controlled codebases – how well will git play with this combination of tools?

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Introduction to R

Sometimes using Excel to look at data works really well. Other times, such as when you are trying to make sense of a 170MB file of AWS EC2 pricing data it just sucks. Luckily R exists and can do the job really well! In this post I’ll run through some of the features of R and produce a nicely formatted CSV of on-demand EC2 pricing data.

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You’re Doing it Wrong If…

We are all looking to learn from our failures and make things better, but sometimes it better to communicate what is right by eliminating what is wrong. “When you have eliminated what’s wrong, whatever remains, however improbable, must be right”.

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