Is there such a thing as too much automation?

Thinking of automation as a competitive cognitive artifact, and on ways to minimise the associated risks

Automation is fantastic for many reasons - it saves time, reduces errors, and enables people to perform extremely complex tasks with little to no understanding of what is being done directly. But by automating everything are we setting ourselves up for disaster? What happens when something goes wrong and the people who built the automation have all left?

Tom Partington

Automated provisioning with Docker

How Media Links deployed Docker clusters to easily provision & scale their infrastructure

Customer Overview Founded in 1993, Media Links is a leading developer and manufacturer of broadcast network infrastructure solutions. Media Links provides broadcasters and network providers with the ability to convert and move broadcast signals – whether video, audio or data – onto their multi-service IP/Ethernet networks. Media Links solutions have been used to build some of the world’s largest video and media transport networks, including major installations in the USA, Europe, Japan, and Australia.

Eloise Skella

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