Our first drive of AWS ChatBot

AWS recently announced ChatBot integration with Chime and Slack… let’s see how easy it is to set up and get running.

Steve Mactaggart

Local Development and Testing of AWS services using LocalStack

In this post we explore how to test AWS services on our local machine without connecting to AWS.

Swati Maruvada

Using GCP Service Accounts to access AWS IAM Roles

GCP Service Accounts provide a simple way to acquire and use AWS IAM Role-based credentials, if you know how…and this post shows you!

Colin Panisset

Integrating cfn-lint with Buildkite

In this post we explore how to integrate cfn-lint with Buildkite for testing CloudFormation templates, ensuring that the CloudFormation stack will only be deployed if it’s correct.

Swati Maruvada

Innovating contact centre customer experience - Amazon Connect

As an outcomes-driven consultancy, Cevo are committed to helping our customers deliver an excellent experience to their own. We recently took Amazon Connect for a test drive along with the suite of Cognitive Services designed to disrupt the contact centre industry.

Arvind Chaudhary

The Importance of Cloud Compliance: why it doesn't have to be hard or expensive.

Attain automated remedial security within your AWS Pipeline by using Lambda to help with blast radius reduction and compliance obtainment.

Tommy Cockin

AWS Summit Sydney 2019

In this post I review some of the great things from the AWS Summit Sydney that took place May 1st - 2nd 2019.

Francisco Collet

AWS CLI access with Google SSO using 'aws-google-auth'

In this post we explore how to set up a flexible and secure way to access the AWS CLI using the Open Source tool `aws-google-auth` developed and maintained by the team at Cevo.

Steve Mactaggart

Reducing ALB Costs Using Host-Based Rules

In this article, we show an opportunity to reduce costs when multiple Application Load Balancers (ALB) are in use. By using one of the ALB’s features and minor changes to the environment, it’s possible to save some money on your AWS bill.

Francisco Collet

With our Heads in the Cloud

Let’s peel back the covers on the Cevo hive mind, and watch the team take on the tricky subject of cloud agnostic solutions.

Steve Mactaggart