DataOps - Accelerating changes for your next data initiative

Data initiatives tends to be long and painful affairs. Let's take a look at how applying DataOps coupled with Cloud technologies can help accelerate your data projects

Raihaan Raman

Watchmen on the Radar

#TWTechRadar: Watchmen project gets the nod in the 2018 ThoughtWorks Technology Radar.

Sian Hughes

Another Warrior In Our Midst

(And here's to you Mr Ambassador!)

Trent Hornibrook becomes Cevo’s next AWS Cloud Warrior

Team Cevo

Productise me!

Have you thought about how to make your work a product?

Henrik Axelsson

Census 2.0

A hypothetical how to architect the census using cloud computing

In light of the #CensusFail the ABS delivered to us on Tuesday night, I thought I’d put a blog post where my mouth is and suggest an architecture I feel would have delivered had Cevo been involved in the creation of this years’ Census application.

Steve Mactaggart

Migrating to AWS

How MYOB benefited from migrating to AWS to automate infrastructure, provide self-servicing & reduce costs

Hannah Browne

What's this docker thing?

An overview of docker, how the technology has grown and its readiness to be run in production

If there’s one thing industry news sources have been mentioning to you recently it would almost certainly be Docker. But is there too much hype? Should one wait before looking into it?. There’s certainly a large amount of hype out there in the industry of the likes we have not seen since for about 6 years, when you could not move for “Cloud Experts” crowding your doorstep offering cloud this and cloud that. We can see with the benefit of hindsight that “The Cloud” did not turn out to be complete fakery, in fact it’s turned out a lot of the promises came true, it’s even better than expected in that “The Cloud” is now a whole industry that enhances and supports your operations, and you really can run your IT operations more efficiently.

Peter Viertel