Introduction to R

Exploring EC2 pricing data using R

Sometimes using Excel to look at data works really well. Other times, such as when you are trying to make sense of a 170MB file of AWS EC2 pricing data it just sucks. Luckily R exists and can do the job really well! In this post I’ll run through some of the features of R and produce a nicely formatted CSV of on-demand EC2 pricing data.

Henrik Axelsson

Replacing Packer With KitchenCI and a Rakefile

An introduction to creating validated AMIs without using Packer.

Don't get me wrong, I love the HashiCorp products. I've been a Vagrant user since way back in my BC (Before Cloud) days and have continued a strong run of success backing the HashiCorp team. But the biggest issue I have is ensuring that the images created through Packer are worthy of being promoted along a delivery pipeline.

This post is about using KitchenCI, InSpec and a small Rakefile to create an enhanced AWS Machine Image (AMI) creation and validation workflow.

Steve Mactaggart

Recognising the fallacy of a single root cause

when something goes wrong it’s often tempting to attribute it to a single root cause

Think back to a successful deployment or a project and try and attribute the success to a single thing. It seems ridiculous, and that’s because it is. It’s easy to see that many things that had to go right for success.

Tom Partington

An Introduction to Web Performance Optimisation

Practical steps for reducing costs and improving the user experience.

This is an excerpt from a talk I gave at LASTConf Melbourne 2017 on Web Performance Optimisation.

Tom Partington

Productise me!

Have you thought about how to make your work a product?

Sometimes a small change in approach can make a big impact on the outcome. Where we were A large client of ours had recently started their cloud migration journey. I was brought in as an iteration manager to help one of the recently renamed Cloud Foundation squads manage their work. Tom Partington from Cevo also joined the squad to add some engineering firepower. The team had previously been known as the Technology Automation team.

Henrik Axelsson

DevOps, Deindividuation and the DeLorean.

Trent Hornibrook theorises that the "us"/"them" culture in some organisations is a symptom of the social psychology concept 'Deindividuation'.

Encourage direct communication between people at all levels. Avoid, at all cost, the feedback by organisational hierarchy. Communication loses its authenticity when performed this way.

Trent Hornibrook

Greenfields tech decisions

Trent Hornibrook gave a recent thought experiment talk at the Infracoders meet-up regarding the tech decisions one would make when running a starting a start-up

You are given a blank cheque at a start-up and you need to execute on a product strategy. What technical choices would you make?.

Trent Hornibrook

The Four values of a devops transformation

A look into the four values that support a successful devops transformation.

Just like the agile transformations of the past, there is a difference between ‘Doing Agile’, and ‘Being Agile’. ‘We do standups’ - therefore we are Agile. With the increase in adoption of devops practices, are we ‘Doing devops’ or are we ‘Being devops’?

In this post we look into the four values that support a successful devops transformation.

Steve Mactaggart

Why?: the forgotten word of DevOps

From DevOpsDays 2016 our own Hannah Browne and Steve Mactaggart explore why we do what we do.

From DevOpsDays 2016 our own Hannah Browne and Steve Mactaggart explore why we do what we do.

We all know DevOps is not about the tools or the process, it’s about a deeper cultural movement. But all too often we think about what DevOps is, and miss the focus on Why we do it in the first place.

Team Cevo

My devops Journey

One consultant's personal journey about what devops means & four key devops practices to get started with

One of the challenges we devops Consultants face is explaining what we do to customers, as there are so many definitions. I’m always thinking about new ways to share the incredible opportunities that a continuous delivery pipeline offers.

Orlando Erazo

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