What is the future of the Solution Architect role?

As the delivery cycle quickens, what does the future hold for our box and line drawing skills as Solution Architects?

Steve Mactaggart

Thoughts on AWS Control Tower

In July 2019, AWS launched Control Tower as a method to provision a new AWS account hierarchy and configuration referred to as a “landing zone”. We took a deep dive on AWS account design and AWS Control Tower to see what it all means.

Trent Hornibrook

Introduction to CI/CD [Audio and Slides]

Presentation from LastConf 2019

Steve Mactaggart

Futurespective - Identifying the path to good

In this post I talk about one of my favorite futurespective techniques, the Future-Backwards and how you can utilise it effectively to quickly identify the ‘Path to Good’.

Jeff Inman

DataOps - Accelerating changes for your next data initiative

Data initiatives tends to be long and painful affairs. Let's take a look at how applying DataOps coupled with Cloud technologies can help accelerate your data projects

Raihaan Raman

Reducing ALB Costs Using Host-Based Rules

In this article, we show an opportunity to reduce costs when multiple Application Load Balancers (ALB) are in use. By using one of the ALB’s features and minor changes to the environment, it’s possible to save some money on your AWS bill.

Francisco Collet

With our Heads in the Cloud

Let’s peel back the covers on the Cevo hive mind, and watch the team take on the tricky subject of cloud agnostic solutions.

Steve Mactaggart

System Mapping

Discover, Explore & Communicate the Real Complexity of Your Systems (presentation from LastConf 2018).

Colin Panisset

Get Baking

On a roll - our client releases their second project to open source.

As the number of AWS accounts a team uses increases, so does the headache of access and credential management. Identity accounts can help. We called ours Bakery.

Henrik Axelsson

Automatically Compliant

Wouldn't it be great to not worry about compliance?

Compliance is a thing. A big thing in most big organisations. Meeting compliance obligations, whether they are based on regulation, code of conduct or risk, can be arduous. Fortunately, automation can help!

Henrik Axelsson