Docker multistage builds: a minimal pipeline as code

Using later features of Docker to implement pipeline-as-code

Have you wanted to get started with pipeline as code, but don’t have a CI/CD server? Want to do more with Docker than just putting code into containers? This post is for you

Colin Panisset

Docker on Windows

A simple guide to make Docker work on your Windows PC.

Linux and Mac users love working on Docker, why should Windows get left behind?!

Bhushan Manekar

When 'Docker' meets 'Make'

Poor man's deployment strategy without using CI/CD.

A strategy to perform re-producible deployment from any computer.

Bhushan Manekar

Automated provisioning with Docker

How Media Links deployed Docker clusters to easily provision & scale their infrastructure

Eloise Skella

The Consul of Elders

An overview of how Consul software makes it easy to identify and find docker containers in large scale deployments

Two weeks ago I had an opportunity to architect and deploy a cluster of self-provisioning Docker Swarm servers, which utilised Consul as their shared database. Thanks to Consul, we could immediately identify the address and services running on any container in the cluster. This technology was remarkably easy to deploy. In fact, the biggest challenge was getting an understanding of how all the different pieces fit together. What we really needed was an educational-scifi-adventure movie to help educate everyone on these amazing tools. After all, we all know how warp drive and death stars work, and it’s that kind of knowledge that can only be taught through movies.

Michael Richardson

Is the EC2 Container Service a bad idea?

The reasons for and against Amazon's EC2 container service for deploying docker containers

The container revolutionaries call upon you! Are you ready to beg forgiveness for your sins of monolithic architecture and pay homage at the Church of 12 Factors? // No doubt you – like so many others before you – have endured the experience of being cornered by a zealot of the new world order. He is determined to make you see the light, and understand that containerisation is the future, and all ye who resist shall suffer the perpetual horrors of vertical scaling and, gasp, eternal re-architecture for multiple platforms.// Okay, I might be being a wee bit dramatic here. But you see, I too am a convert. I too carry around a copy of the Mesos white paper and dream of the swarm.

Michael Richardson

What's this docker thing?

An overview of docker, how the technology has grown and its readiness to be run in production

If there’s one thing industry news sources have been mentioning to you recently it would almost certainly be Docker. But is there too much hype? Should one wait before looking into it?. There’s certainly a large amount of hype out there in the industry of the likes we have not seen since for about 6 years, when you could not move for “Cloud Experts” crowding your doorstep offering cloud this and cloud that. We can see with the benefit of hindsight that “The Cloud” did not turn out to be complete fakery, in fact it’s turned out a lot of the promises came true, it’s even better than expected in that “The Cloud” is now a whole industry that enhances and supports your operations, and you really can run your IT operations more efficiently.

Peter Viertel