Replacing Packer With KitchenCI and a Rakefile

An introduction to creating validated AMIs without using Packer.

Don't get me wrong, I love the HashiCorp products. I've been a Vagrant user since way back in my BC (Before Cloud) days and have continued a strong run of success backing the HashiCorp team. But the biggest issue I have is ensuring that the images created through Packer are worthy of being promoted along a delivery pipeline.

This post is about using KitchenCI, InSpec and a small Rakefile to create an enhanced AWS Machine Image (AMI) creation and validation workflow.

Steve Mactaggart

Test driven infrastructure with Kitchen and InSpec

Using Kitchen and InSpec enables you to develop infrastructure faster, more reliably and with greater confidence.

As the cycle times for providing new servers and services decrease, the demands on infrastructure developers is increasing. To cope with this increased demand, we need new ways to think about building and validating servers.

A powerful combination is to couple Kitchen with InSpec, to provide a modern development approach to both the provisioning of servers and validating their configuration is correct.

Steve Mactaggart